Monday, October 26, 2015

Must-Have High Heels For Every Career Lady

Everyone knows that high heels are must-have fashion footwear every woman should own as they come in handy when you need to attend a job interview or even need a sudden boost of confidence. Just like me, everywhere I go be it to China, Europe or Turkey, my tour members usually gave me a big applause for completing our hiking high up to the mountain just to watch the beautiful waterfall with my high heels. In Turkey, my tour members like Syuen and Mr.Ang also said they salute me for my courage being able to go through the Turkey mysterious tunnel down under a cave with my super duper high heel shoes. 

They just couldn't walk in high heel shoes at all they told me, what to say to hike up the high mountain with such rocky path, going through the many steps of stairs and long routes ahead of us. I'm used to it already I explained to them. Jeline even asked me in physic science point of view, how do I walk with high heels, focusing on which angle or position of it and I revealed my big secrets to her openly. Haha...To me, high heels shoes is my must-have fashion essential placed nicely inside my shoes cabinet like a treasure chest. 

Discover what your true high heel style is and stick to them. For the career ladies who have a nine to five job or a busy businesswomen, high heels is the best footwear to wear at work to feel confident and powerful the entire day. Ladies who have no idea the types of high heel designs that they need to own in their collection at home should take a look at these three high heels designs for women. In fact, I had just bought a pair of Pink Strappy Shoes from Zalora and I got totally stoked by it.

           1.   Stilettos
Stilettos are an important pair of footwear for women to add as they are the perfect shoes to wear together with evening dresses or formal events. If you feel as if you want that huge boost of confidence level, the stilettos will definitely make you sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Match it with a nice bodycon dress at work and a luxurious handbag for the complete lady boss look. To me, stilettos are very sexy, elegant and enduring as well.

2. Kitten Heels
However, not many women are a fan of stiletto sky high heels and prefer to wear something more subtle. Kitten heels will always do the trick as it gives you balance with a little bit of height. Kitten heels are perfect for women who are looking forward to go to a job interview as it is a modest professional look. I always pair my shoes based on the business suits I wear on that day during my corporate days. They usually interviewed me on the brand of my shoes, price factor and where to purchase it like I'm their fashion agent.

3.  The Strappy
Meanwhile, strappy high heel designs is also a must-have as it gives a more casual touch yet sexiness when you wear at work. The strappy high heels are great for women to wear it with their formal pant suits, casual jeans on a Friday and even dresses without ever making you look less appropriate. Choose any colours you prefer and match your outfits with ease. Strappy is my favourite high heels of all because I can pair it with pants or dress that naturally draws a huge difference in fashion statement.   

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