Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dermablend™ Corrective Cosmetics Gives Perfect Camouflage

With tattoos gaining wider social acceptance these days, more and more people are getting them as body art or a personal statement but while it is no longer considered counter culture there are still some situations where it may not be appropriate to display them.

And that’s where Dermablend™ Professional corrective cosmetic comes in because it provides flawless, natural looking coverage to camouflage anything from body art tattoo to blemishes and acne scars to burns and medical conditions such as vitiligo and hyper pigmentation.

To demonstrate just how effective the products are, National Training Manager for Dermablend™ Australasia, Marilyn Wearne, was in Malaysia recently.

Wearne has over 40 years of experience in the beauty and cosmetic fields and is the recipient of many prestigious awards from Australia’s largest cosmetic companies and a former Make-up Artist.

As Dermablend’s National Training Manager she is responsible for the introduction, education and promotion of the Dermablend™ Corrective System within diverse environments:  Paramedical (Dermatologists), Beauty Therapists, Beauty Schools and Academies, Pharmacy groups, Occupational Therapists (from Australia’s major Hospitals) and The Red Cross organization.   

She also regularly conducts Camouflage Clinics in hospitals and provides training to occupational therapists, where the training demonstrates the advantages of the highly effective alternatives of Dermablend™ for burns victims and cancer sufferers by helping to build a new image and enhancing self-esteem.

“Skin flaws and imperfections can be very debilitating for people, especially when they are on the face. Scars, burns or acne scarring can really affect your self-esteem and in some extreme cases even prevents people from leaving their homes. Dermablend™ products are designed to camouflage and conceal skin imperfections, suitable even for the most sensitive skin and is often recommended by dermatologists and aesthetic physicians,” said Eunice Lim, Market Development Manager of Sibro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Dermablend™ in Malaysia.

Developed by dermatologists, Dermablend™ products are suitable for sensitive skin and its noncomedogenic nature do not cause breakouts as they allow skin to breathe, while its natural beeswax base giving a natural looking coverage for the face and body.

Originally formulated for the para-medical field to assist in the coverage of serious imperfections, Dermablend™ is now recognised for its versatility in a wide range of areas including fashion, television, artistry and consumers in general. It is even ideal for weddings and special occasions, as it provides a flawless look that will last for hours.

Waterproof and long lasting even in humid climate, Dermablend™ is easy to apply and suitable for everyday use even in our tropical country.

“The Dermablend™ range is for anyone with or without skin imperfections. The highly opaque foundation can be used as a daily foundation for people who want superior, complete and natural looking makeup to cover that slight freckle or birthmark with coverage that lasts all day,” added Eunice.

The brand’s popular products are Dermablend™ Cover Crème, Dermablend™ Intense Camo Powder Foundation, Dermablend™ Leg & Body Cover and Dermablend™ Loose Setting Powder.

The Dermablend™ range of products are available in a broad range of colours to suit all skin tones from fair to chocolate brown, and retails at leading aesthetics and dermatologists clinics. For more information, you can visit or Dermablend Malaysia at

Dermablend™ Cover Crème (RM 183)
Dermablend™ Cover Creme is the ultimate full coverage cream foundation suitable to conceal moderate to major skin flaws such as scars, birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, vitiligo, post-operative concerns, bruising and burns.

The lightweight crème formula contains high purity pigments to provide reliable, full camouflage with a velvety smooth finish for that flawless look that is never cakey.

With broad spectrum SPF30, the foundation also provides protection from the sun and is water resistant, making it ideal for the Malaysian climate and the beach.

Set the look with Dermablend™ Loose Setting Powder (RM 138) to keep the flawless camouflage in place for up to 16 hours. It is also smudge resistant so you can confidently go about your activities from morning till night.

Dermablend™ Intense Powder Camo Foundation (RM 165)
Dermablend™ Intense Camo Powder Foundation provides medium to full coverage with a smooth and natural finish. The all-in-one easy to use compact powder reduces unsightly shines while leaving an ultra plush, smooth and natural finish.

The buildable and blendable texture promises all day camouflage for redness, uneven skin tone, acne, birthmark and freckles.

Dermablend™ Leg & Body Cover (RM 150)
Dermablend™ Leg & Body Cover is a full coverage body foundation that provides an extremely opaque and complete coverage, making it ideal for for covering uneven skin tone, tattoos, stretch marks, varicose and spider veins, burns and scars. The improved moisturising lightweight formula with SPF 15 blends evenly and easily, giving a silky flawless look that lasts up to 16 hours once set with Dermablend™ Loose Setting Powder. 

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