Monday, May 20, 2013

Hakubi White C Gel Review

Hakubi White C Gel RM91.90 (20g)

Hakubi White C Gel is highly contains 6% of Vitamin C derivative that comes in watery gel texture. The active ingredient of Phosphoric Acid L-Ascorbyl Magnesium allows easy absorption of Vitamin C by the epidermis to form collagen and prevent spots and pigmentation besides helping to prevent rough skin and pores and lighten blemishes.

After using it for the past 3 weeks, I would say that it does keep my skin smooth and tighten the pores due to ageing skin. Pores would tend to open naturally due to loss of collagen, that's why we need a gel to keep the pores close-up from opening. Pores need to keep real tight and close-up  because if we don't take good care of the pores cleanly tight, it would spread to bigger and more holes that look really disturbing. 

If the pores are not clean enough, it would cause the skin to have deeper scar or problematic skin due to big pores. Prevention is always better than cure. And it does prevent rough patches on my skin as now my skin is quite smooth when I massage serum on my face, I can feel the soft smoothness of my face. I believes it's the Vitamin C active ingredient that helps a lot.

Available exclusively at SaSa Malaysia shops only.

This whitening C Gel is to apply only with sufficient 20 cents amount of gel, good enough for the whole face application. That night I applied more than 20 cents that's causing my skin feels so tight, it's like pulling my skin. Haha...more doesn't means better, it can 'Fan Hau Guo'( the opposite of an expected good result). Just an even dab on the face would do.   

To get to know more about Hakubi White C Gel, you can check it out SaSa Malaysia at 

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