Thursday, May 30, 2013

Soap and Glory - Scrub of your life

Soap and Glory – Scrub of your life, the tagline that sounds so familiar and it actually fits to the expression of the true meaning for its brand. I bought many sets of Soap and Glory already since the brand reach to Sephora Malaysia at Starhill a few years back. During my sunday spa visit at Kanebo Spa, I usually pass through Sephora after shopping in Pavilion so I take a quick glance on what's new in the market and something nice and special to pamper myself. I bought the 1st Soap and Glory set during X'mas special and I don't remember much details about it.

Old liao, don't wana scratch my head also. Haha...this must be my 2nd or 3rd set I don't remember as they have different sets of beauty sets but this set comes with the shampoo that smell so refreshingly good and not drying my hair at all. Not bad actually. I kept all the sets in many of my vanity bags, I don't remember where I put the 3 sets. Just because it's on my birthday that March 2013 where I wanted to use everything new and nice, I finally took out this bodycare set for total pampering at Palace of the Golden Horses. 

After using it then I realized, this scrub really needs a little compliment and should be share out with other beautiful women out there who love pampering too. Not only it smells so refreshingly good like the shampoo but it smoothen your skin to baby soft skin. I usually don't like to use scrub as the scrub usually seems harsh to my body but this fine scrub is fine enough. It actually kinda fun to use it as when you scrub it on your skin, you'll know it's time to stop scrubbing and rinse off your body. It brighten up my skin and soften it with real clean and clear body skin. 

Even when I sleep, I can feel the softness and smoothness on my skin that's luxuriously healthy. I felt good about it even when I sleep on a 'Sang Bou Chong'(not my bed) that night. With the reasonable price for a luxury scrub like this, it's totally worth every penny that I paid for this set which never cost me a luxury bomb price. Haha...back home, I took it out and use it every now and then for daily pampering. It is the scrub of my life as it feels so good to be true even without any sauna effect, my skin is naturally smooth with silky touch feel. Try it and share it with me!   

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