Monday, May 27, 2013

Italy - Florence

From Florence with love, I love the overall ambience here.It's calm all around the area with spectacular views.

The 'back to nature' winter surrounding this romantic tourist attraction hill makes it even cooler and
nicer environment for everyone.

The famous Michaelangelo Square with its signature statue of an artistic art.

Nice umbrella designs, I bought one back home.Haha...that's for sure!

Loved their postcards too, many nice pictures and lovely art decors.

The famous bridge of Ponte Vecchio, I'm going for my lunch right now.

Really yummy Italian food from its Florentine Steak with Red Wine and finished it with Sour Gelato.

Elegant Italian restaurant that not only served good food but beautifully decorated with luxury decorations.

A last shot of the 'Old Bridge' before I leave this place.

A slow walk from the restaurant to the end of the street, coach is waiting for us to next tour destination.  

Enjoying the views and wonders along the ancient street of Florence.

Many big churches all around Florence tour, I like the bell ringing sound here welcoming us to go in for prayers.

Full of people around the Piazza della Signoria, just wana pass through here and away from here. 

Too cold, I just wana have a cup of hot coffee here before I continue on the long journey around this place.

The famous statue of David, must take a shot for good memory. 

Full of people standing here and there, so it's kinda hard to shoot a solo picture. 

Moreover, people keep on coming to the free entry inside for more nice pictures so it's busy all the time. 

The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is the main church of Florence, Italy. 

The story of the Christianity history at the entrance of this huge church.

The basilica is one of  the Italy's largest churches with the largest dome 
in the world.
Feeding the 'Hai-O' birds some bread, both Carrie and I have long laughter moments with them here. Fun too!  

Clean and serene environment here suitable for the animal livings. They're great circus players, entertained
us that afternoon when I tried throwing the bread high up for them, they flew real fast and caught it easily. 


  1. Too many European posts making us envy :)

    1. Haha...Don't be envy, just plan your way there and be happy :)