Friday, May 10, 2013

May Day

Many FB friends asked me why long time never see me? Haha…I replied them yea kinda busy and not attending any events recently. Even the last Hakubi media event Karen called me and said, “Finally can see you now. Many events I try to invite you but you can’t make it.”“Yea, very busy due to Spring Projects going on and today I can make it as I treat it like a holiday for me to rest and relax. If I can come I sure come, thanks for the invitation anyway.” 

We talked about my project involved and health issues related to this. After a quick lunch with them, I left to Ecoparadise for a detox spa with Rambo. My sis-inlaw Toto Lim is one of my best ally now, called me last Sunday to join her attending the new opening of her friend+Datin's branded handbags at one of the Bungalow in Ampang. They would fetch me there, just be there but I told her I really can't join them that day and she totally understand my position on that.

To make sure I can attend their CNY Cho 1 Vegetarian Dinner she already booked me since Nov 2012, 2 months in advance for our family date. I told 'Gugu' that day I just can't hide away from it already and all of us laughed out loud. And I need to attend for it as promised no matter what comes after that. Even LeAnne who's 10 years old knew this tight schedule of mine, she would booked me early to watch her dance as I already told her that 2 years ago. Sometimes, she even 'manja' with me by asking me to cancel my fixed appointment that day for her performance. Haha...she never gave up even if the date was with my mom+sis, that's why I love her so much.  

Recently, I met many of my old friends at cafe for lunches and afternoon tea they also mentioned that it's been a long time they didn't get to meet me. Finally got to meet me for a good chat, I replied them yea it's about 2 years gap. Some, a few months we didn't get to meet each other but they would sms me and wanted to join me going holiday together. I welcomed them that's for sure as we had great times together during our holiday trip. I gave them the travel agency contact for arrangements but will only meet them later in June.

Life is really a testing journey for all of us, after my 'Ah Kung' left another young family member left that prompted most of my family members nowadays really learning hard to appreciate each other. They're more generous, uplifted and motivated in accumulating wealth, open minded and begin to love themselves more by spending money in shopping, travelling and beauty pampering rather than keeping it in the bank now. They know life is short and precious, they waste no time to enjoy life now. They're very happy now and I'm so happy to see that.

I still remember my Da Jie G.Lim who had just gone through a critical brain tumour last year, obviously I was there for her most of the time. Besides keeping her mentally strong on the unfortunate circumstances that happened so fast, I kept her strong physically in taking Cellfood for her health. Before she cut her hair botak(bald) that night, lucky I send her there as she almost fainted on her way down. She was too weak both mentally and physically, but she can't do anything about it as this is her life. She needs to go through this and face it with strong mental strength . Only a strong mind can keep her going stronger and better each day.

I bought her Crabtree and Evelyn biscuits to eat during the hospital visit. At 1st she asked me not to buy her anything but after trying it not only she finished taking it, she loved it so much that she asked me to get it for her again. I told her the price when she asked me how much, she was shocked and not willing to buy it anymore but I told her don't be stingy to yourself. Learn to love yourself 1st before you can afford to love the others. 

Before she was hospitalised for the serious 4cm brain tumour, she needed to wait for long school holiday to travel. But now, not anymore as she would grab every chance of travelling together with us or Bro Chai Buddhist Group to India for pilgrimage tour. Bro Chai of course invited me to go along with them but I didn't as Rambo told him I can't stand all the dirty or real nature of India environment. He said I only wanted to go for 5 star services of India trip. So bad of him to say that about me but 50% of it can be true and the other 50% actually I can try to adapt to it if it's for Buddhism cultivation purpose.  

At the end of the day, setting priority whichever comes 1st is very important in life. For Buddhism spiritual development, I would do my very best to visit as many sacred temples as possible. Another fact I'm sure is Rambo doesn't wana go India because most of his Japanese colleagues have shared with him they always got sick due to the food poisoning. They're all the same kinda people, they only like to be based in China, Thailand and Malaysia. The Japanese enjoy living their lives by staying comfortable place in a safe country,  easy, enjoyable living and eating good food only. No doubt about it as usually their bills can come up to RM800-1000+ dining at fine Japanese restaurant, I see also 'terbeliak mata saya'(eyes wide open). To them, it's really no big bill as they can afford it and they're used to pay high price in property, salary and transportation in Japan. 

The Japanese life is not perfect as well as they're working real hard like a bull, but after a hard day's job they know how to release their stress by enjoying life too. They deserved the good things in life after all, with high allowance given by their Japanese Boss about a few thousand dollars, not yet calculating their monthly salary yet in Japan. And they respect their boss faithfully like a loyal dog. I really salute this good point of them even to the extent, if they're caught late only by 10 minutes but a big slap on the face from the Boss is a deserving manner. You just need to keep quiet about it with a  90 degree apology bow to their boss that it would never happen again, irrelevant to what excuses they may have. Rambo just kept quiet about it as he knew very well the strict Japanese culture of keeping punctuality to the highest priority, that's why he always came early and waited for the Boss. I really 'Tabik'(salute) Rambo's disciplinary years of services to his Japanese Boss and I did learn from him to be discipline in my work too. It actually works better this way. 

Nobody is having a perfect life as there's always a story behind every person's personality, so don't be judgemental to anyone even if you're jealous to her/his life as you would never know what's the journey of anyone's life has gone through. I would share another touching story of my Japanese friend staying here in my next blog. For now, I wana end this blog by saying "always be compassionate, caring and loving to others as only by practising this kinda good attitudes would earn you more good blessings in life. I'm going for my Spring holiday to Eastern Europe so there's no blog update from me till I'm back by the end of May 2013. Happy Summer 2013!"     


  1. Blog hopping and stumbled onto your wonderful blog.
    Wow, fully philosophical post...ha...ha...ha...
    Just live life simple...LOL, Laughter is good for health.
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    Best of luck and keep on blogging regularly.

  2. Haha...full of philosophy in life as getting old already, can't help it.Yea, I read jokes everyday and laughed out really loud as I'm feeling funny and happy. Same to you, good luck to you too!