Thursday, May 2, 2013

Malaysia's International Gifts and Premiums Expo (MIGP)

This saying is a driving force in the gift and premium industry. The art of gifting has been practiced on a personal and corporate level. Companies present gifts and premiums to show their appreciation to their customers and partners as well as for branding and incentive programs.
MIGP Expo 2013 is making its comeback as the 3-day intensive business gathering for gift & premium suppliers to showcase their latest range of products to potential customers from the corporate and public sector. It is the event where potential buyers visit to source for new gift ideas and meet the industry suppliers face-to-face.

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Clarisonic Mia2 RM672

Talking about buying gifts, I love receiving gifts and giving gifts all the time. It feels good to give and if the other person who receives it got so excited on the gifts, you feel more happier to see the big smile on their faces. Even receiving gifts, who doesn't like to receive gifts? Even a small gift like a memoir pin from Tokyo Disneyland means a lot to me as it's memorable enough and meaningful to me as it's a brand of Disneyland.

For this Sephora Wish List Gift, I wish to have this Clarisonic Mia 2 - 2 speeds with a one-minute pulsing T-Timer® and a protective travel case for on-the-go sonic cleansing to keep my skin cleaner and deeper skin that need to be extra clean without stripping my delicate skin. And I wish to have the Green or Pink colour to accompany me into a colourful, beautiful facial pampering. Hope my wish would come true where I would be delighted to shop more if I do...Haha!   

I love shopping in Sephora, be it from the Sephora Paris to Sephora Malaysia. I'm also a member of Sephora as I tend to buy things from here after trying the products or sometimes after reading any articles of the latest products from magazines. My body sure will get itchy where I would be dragging myself to Sephora and trying it with my itchy hand, then sure 'la ye'(terkena sudah) one. Lastly, sure buying it not only one but two or more especially when it comes in a nice set like Soap and Glory set like the picture above. 

I bought many of the sets before because really I like the pretty pouch, the beautiful bag also and most important factor is that I love the effective products that keep my top hair to bottom toe healthily clean and smoothy like a baby skin. Not only it feels so cool bringing the beautiful bag and pouch along to holiday with me, but the whole package actually makes me feel so complete in beauty pampering.Will update you gals on the product review soon after I'm back from my Spring holiday, bye! 


  1. I wish i could be there for the Great Expo. I missed it this time.

  2. I love gifts whether it is in form of give, take, buy. Great expo!!
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  3. We are one of the premium and gift supplier in the expo. Thank you for highlight the show to your readers.

    I hope you will did the same on next coming expo.