Friday, May 31, 2013


      By: Jacinta Chong
I was very sick, sick till I rather free myself from all the suffering. But he never gave up on me and keep on trying to save my life. He took good care of me with tender loving care, found me a cure of ‘Cellfood’ from 'Bangkok With Love' back to Malaysia. After a few years of pushing me to take it with discipline, I recovered from it and having a life that I cherished so much. I'm very grateful everyday, living healthily and happily with him. He's my best friend, lover and my beloved husband who only have his eyes on me. He's loyal, trustworthy and a loving man who has not only won my heart from other admirers but he also won my family, relatives and friends' hearts. In their eyes, they always think Rambo Lim is the only man who can fulfill my demanding 'Fire Dragon' character. He's my saviour, hero and my guardian angel that just happen to cross into my life. I will always love him because I know I come first in his top priority of life and I know he loves me with all his might. We make a great couple, leading as a good example for the young and old generation in our family! (My winning story of Enchanteur Love)

My dear Lynette saw I have a parcel package and she asked me, “Dai Yiyi, what’s that?” I replied her, “I don’t know. You wana see it, let’s open it” She helped me open it with a scissor. “Wah so nice, she said upon seeing the hamper gift box. And so I said, “Nice, Dai  Yiyi spray it for you”, while spraying the fragrance on her body. Then I told to her to keep it back and she helped me to arrange them nicely back into the box. “So clever girl”, seeing her making a great effort to place it back nicely in the fragile box.

Haha…I had no idea that I have won this 'Enchanteur Love' sharing on Facebook. I entered the contest at the very 1st place merely because I just wana share my life story and it’s an easy contest sharing writing. No hassle at all and it’s only for fun. Consider it’s good also as I have bought many Enchanteur products before and I love the talcum powder pampering on my body skin. It actually keeps me cool and fresh all day long. It’s like Enchanteur is rewarding me back now and really appreciate us as their customers. No regrets of buying Enchanteur for many years already.

Rambo is really ‘Hiao Ka Be Si’(Hokkien meaning of vain till death) in fragrance love, I always teased him that. Haha…really beh tahan him and he would laughed out loud everytime I said that about him. At home, I have all the fragrance collection including Enchanteur but most of the time, he used up all my fragrance till kering-kontang(dried up). 

Sometime when he's back, he shared with me that my new Swarovski fragrance smells so long-lasting with strong sexy smell he felt energized enough to last him good mood throughout the day. I explained to him that it’s a parfum that’s why it last more longer than an eau de toilette fragrance. 
I wana thank Enchanteur for the gift hamper as this surprising win really means a great gift for Rambo spray of vain spirit. Haha...he believes that fragrance can uplift his energy and spirit of working hard and smart. What goes around comes around. I believe that this win is really meant to keep him happy as I appreciate his never ending loving spirit for me all these years and that's why I shared it and won it surprisingly for him. 

Everywhere we go from KL to China, people never stop talking about Rambo who really loves me to death as they have eyes to see, what he did usually is to make me happy. Yea, I know that for sure and I know it's a blessing from Amituofo and my beloved 'Guan Yin' who actually fulfilled my call for a good husband in my life. 

On my wedding day at Thean Hou Temple, I thanked 'Guan Yin' and sharing my inner feelings with her that I hope I married the right man of my life during my prayer. She actually answered me through a lucky 'Chim'(fortune card) that read 'I married the right man of my life and will have a happy matrimony'. Haha...sounds too good to be true but that's the real truth between 'Guan Yin' and me, the positive vibrations we actually stay connected over the years through answering my prayers most of the time. 

She always fulfilled my wishes whenever I seek for her advise and guidance in life. Happy or sad, good or bad, almost everything I would also tell her and she knew it for sure. She's my saviour, protector and guardian angel of my life besides having Rambo as my hero. Thank you, I'm very blessed and I will treasure every great moments with my dear Rambo!