Friday, August 16, 2013

AVILLION Port Dickson, Malaysia

One of my dream/goals came true that year when Rambo's company decided to have a stay at Avillion PD.
We came during super peak season, school holiday in December, cost about RM500 per night plus a BBQ
Buffet Dinner that night with all the staffs. My mom and LeAnne felt very uneasy sleeping on this floating
chalet as they can hear the strong waves down below,  not feeling comfortable sleeping above the water.
But for me, I can sleep well that night, just blissfully and peacefully above the PD sea...Haha. 

The floating Avi Spa building behind me, strong and stunning building in the middle of PD sea. 

The Avi Spa reception with blue green decors, so enchanting immediately excite me to choose the right
treatment for my spa pampering that afternoon. It's not cheap of course, start from RM100 and above.

That afternoon I decided to relax here for reading before I start on the spa as Rambo went for team building
activities with his colleagues and I'm not into all this kinda active sports now so I rather go for a spa. The last
time at Swiss Hotel Cherating I joined them already and since there's a great spa around, I definitely go for this. 

Green and serene environment here, feeling totally on top of the world just to be here. My family was supposed
to join me for a rejuvenating spa with me but they were late that day as the kids have dancing+art classes so
I just enjoy my spa pampering 1st at this tranquil atmosphere of Avi Spa PD.   

Rambo quickly completed his things and rushed over to meet me here. He enjoyed the tea so much and
having great time here with me just relaxing and cool chilling till I need to take my bath before the dinner.

A very nice place with total privacy as no one is allowed to come up here unless you go for a spa here.

When I was enjoying my bath, my dear Charmers knocked and zoom into the bathroom to look for me. So
happy to see them finally arrived to Avillion PD that evening. They wanted to join me for a bath but I told
them I'm preparing to go for buffet dinner with Rambo and company staffs, so they went back to their room.
I told them I would meet them soon right after the dinner and let them enjoy their bath at their nearby room.

The BBQ Buffet Dinner at the hotel was so-so only although it's full of people in the restaurant. Cost RM100
per person was kinda expensive although paid by the company not from my own pocket, but I was thinking
the hotel should charge RM50 for Malaysians and for tourists from around the world can be charge RM100.
Avillion PD, if you're reading this you should consider about it as we are earning Ringgit Malaysia not USD! 

Early morning I went for a cold swim with Rambo while enjoying my hot Cafe 21. Haha...we took many
pictures for lovely memories here.

Avillion PD really owned some nice pools around here, from the slide pool to this big, adult pool that's
blue green in colour. And I like it just located next to the restaurant which is kinda cool and happening. 

We have great time swimming and taking lots of pictures here esp. my Charmers, they felt so excited to be here.

After bringing them around Avillion PD for animal farm feeding session, having a big Malaysian breakfast with
Nasi Lemak of course and they wanted to be under the spell of sun, sea and sand. Lynette was calling me, "Dai
Yiyi, you see" on the big hole she dug here on the beach. "Wah, so big ah", I replied her then joining her to play.
At 1st, I was just relaxing here on the beach gossiping about life with Rambo, Defney and my mom...Haha!  

After my spa session, enjoying their special Ginger Orange Tea. All at once, reviving back my energy level as
after the relaxing spa on this floating spa, I fell asleep and they let me sleep till I got up. Haha...too relaxing liao.
This was the 1st visit I had at Avi Spa, the year before I stayed a night here just for a spa pampering session.  

The floating Avi Spa is really stunning with best views ever all around me. Feels like floating above the sea
as I can feel the waves splashing through below me, even during the spa I can feel it too. It's exhilarating!   

The top floor of the glass-building of Avi Spa that managed to capture the bird's eyes view. Fantastic and
fascinating feeling when I was here. Don't feel like leaving this place so soon but we gotta leave anyway.
I would say Avi Spa is suitable for spa events and parties that's longing for a relaxing ambience. Love it! 


  1. wow.. so much fun there :D

    love the pics, no stay there before.

    1. Haha...Yea Sherry, it's fun for family reunion holiday here. Plan during non peak season, cheaper a bit!

  2. Wahhhh... such an interesting place! Enjoy much eh! :D

    1. Haha...Yea Henry, it is esp.for the kids they really enjoy a night stay there! :D