Thursday, August 1, 2013

YTL Tanjong Jara Resort, Terengganu

We have just arrived at the exclusive Tanjong Jara Resort in Terengganu after a long 7 hours ride from KL. Really tiring and thank God YTL welcomed us with 'Paluan Gong' (a traditional Malay musical instrument), a really warm welcome from everyone to help us with the luggage, invited us for a welcome drink that tasted so refreshingly good, immediately soothing my dry throat right away and no need to queue up for the hotel check-in. This is what I called the luxury resort stay that's worthy to splurge in Malaysia. 

One of the best resort I have stayed over the years and among all the luxury resorts that I have enjoyed staying before. They also guided us all the way back to our big, comfortable room that's luxurious with a huge bathroom and facing the beach. Rambo was very excited with the nice view ever, kept rushing me to come to the kampung-styled window for many captivating pictures from our room.But I totally felt flat liao as I woke up too early for the long hours trip, I took a short nap for battery-recharged before I can go on for more activities here. 

Besides the Club Med good food great taste experience that I cannot forget to remember till the rest of my life, this is another Terengganu good food great taste touch of flavour that I will remember forever too. Rambo is the typical 'China Man' who always opt for 'American Breakfast' as he's not very adventurous when it comes to food. And for me, I chose the malay 'Nasi Dagang Set' that comes with the traditional Malay rice that's blue in colour wrapped under the banana leaf and fish that tasted really good. One of my favourite food after having tried that morning breakfast. Haha...back to KL, I always craving for it and always looking for 'Nasi Dagang and Kerabu'. 

Mentioned the name of it also I already drooling over it. This big breakfast meal marks one of the best food experience I ever had in Malaysia. Not only I ate till 'Perut Buncit' like a big fat girl, I really don't care if I look horrible in my Bikini as I really enjoyed the local food that's for sure. I mean it's not very often that I would travel to East Coast Malaysia esp. with the 7 hours drive, too far from KL. Even if I do travel to Pulau Redang, another luxury island escapade which I took Air Asia local flight there with an hour of boat transfer to reach to the island. That's why I just enjoyed the good food galore from the east coast side to the max. 

Seeing all the pictures reminded me so much that I used to be young before, adventurous enough and I missed all the fun I used to have before. I dare to bare in bikini, I eat whatever I enjoy taking and I just did whatever things I wish to do. Not much consideration like now having 3 of my dear Charmers, I prefer to go along anywhere with family and friends that have been calling and planning together with us. But for Rambo, he always prefer to go anywhere only with me, be it the business trips, holidays and food indulgence. He don't like to go in a group with so many people, he thinks it's troublesome and he only wants to have total privacy with me.

Just like this 3 days 2 nights short trip to Tanjong Jara, he really enjoyed the private holiday with me as he only wana spend full days with me just by lying on the beach, indulging good food, a romantic dinner with me and relaxing in the cozy room. Just too bad the weather was not so good on that day, we missed the gathering organised by YTL Resort to try out the local 'kuih-muih, teh tarik' time in the afternoon. Kinda wasted as we're waiting for the tea break time to enjoy local food that afternoon. Ended up we gotta order room service food for dinner that evening when the rain never failed to stop.

Malaysia weather is really hot and sunny with sunshine rays shining 'Mang Mang' directly to us, all around the 365 days in a year. Spraying Sisley SPF to my face and body first before I burn my skin to tanned skin caused by the harmful rays of UVA and UVB. This Sisley SPF sunscreen is really one of the best SPF I have ever used as not only it smells so good with plants' extracts, it's also easy to use with convenient sprays over my face and body. 

The texture is watery and not sticky, easy to smooth all over my skin with fast absorption and protecting my skin really well. And my body turned out fine after that hot afternoon swim at the beach. I won the 2nd prize, a hamper of Sisley products worth RM1000 if not mistaken from yearly bonus gifts of a magazine. I don't remember which magazine, old liao. Haha...many years liao, time really flies like an arrow.  

After having a great breakfast of the day, we rest awhile at the nearby pool for fruits intake, taking our own sweet time to rest and relax by the blue pool. By the time we had enough good rest, it's already in the afternoon time. The right time to hit the hot beach with really hot weather and seawater were not spared of the hot too. I was young at that time I'm not afraid of the hot sun but now, don't play play with the hot sun as my ageing skin can never tolerate with the main ageing factor - UV rays.  

I was so excited that day I started singing and dancing like the Bollywood stars, the famous 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' ~'Tum per se ha ye'~Haha...Rambo laughed out really loud and kept on taking pictures and video for me. Well, life's really short so maximise every moments to be happy enjoying what you like to do. Just be yourself and enjoy those memorable moments as when you look back, you'll realised that you have actually live a good life before. You live up to it and you rejoice to it as well. 

Time can never mend the years that's past, how I wish I could turn back the time but it won't happen. So whatever plans that you have in mind and while you're young, do it asap as time will not gonna wait for anyone of us no matter how much money you can afford to pay as the world is turning, the sun is burning and the clock is ticking. I'm a 'Guo Loi Yan'(experienced before) that's why I know what I'm going through at this stage now.Yea, although I enjoy my life living up the years till today I'm 37 years old but I still have minor regrets in life.

Just like I missed the Bungee Jumping in NZ because I don't have the adrenaline rush anymore like in my 20's where I got involved with all the adventurous games of 90 degrees rock-climbing and fox-flying during the Leadership Camp I had with the executives from my ex-company. We even scored the 4th place rank among all the multinational companies in Malaysia. I like all the challenging experiences that I've been through with my colleagues and boss as it marked our grace and glory days we have won before.        

If you don't do it now, it's gonna be now or never. As time goes by really fast till you can't catch a breakfast also if you really let time past you by. Sometimes I even forced myself not to think too much and go for it as too many 'Gu Lui'(thinking) will only drag you down. Even for holidays and travel also, I don't know why it took me so long to travel to a place just because I don't like the long hours flight, jet-lagged etc. but once I told Rambo to plan everything for me just like the Japan holiday, I told him I just wana go, enjoy the best and he did all the rest. 

A few of my Facebook friends asked me about Tg.Jara holiday when they glance through my photo albums. I gave them the needed details and looking back at all the pictures like above, it reminded me of my younger days and happy moments back again. I really have no regrets living my life, maybe those missed Bungee Jumping in NZ that's not happening but maybe if I work on my stamina back to good form, I can Bungee Jump at Sentosa Singapore if I ever travel there again for holiday. Never say 'No' to anything too fast as time passing by, we tend to change every now and then.  

I love spending my time swimming at all the swimming pools that are available in this resort. I even ordered their local Terengganu Fried Rice, cocktail during my swim here. can only see both Rambo and I actually enjoying the Jacuzzi facility and swimming pool as nobody is around here from am-pm. Privacy assured, that's what I like most staying at this resort. You can have total comfort like you owned the whole place, being lovey-dovey enjoying a great honeymoon here. I don't mind to visit again if they invite me for a spa pampering here although I have my own spa experience from top to toe in my luxury room. Rambo even recorded it for me to see as he felt really happy that I enjoyed my DIY Spa with snacks like hi-tea during my spa time.

Malaysia have many beautiful and luxury resorts that are worth staying for total rest and relaxation. In fact, many international hotels have just landed in our homeland Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur esp. is mushrooming more and more big hotel names like Harrods that's in construction near the KLCC. I love staying hotels and resorts and have been staying at YTL JW Marriot KL also. Wait till I share with you one of my best escapade staying in JW Marriot Phuket Resort and Spa that really attracted many of my friends asking about it and it's gonna linger in my memories forever. A real nice sanctuary to share about, just be patient ya. Haha...Bye for now, stay tuned!   


  1. Wah u seems to have a really enjoyable time there! I also like to just chill at the swimming pool :)

    1. Haha...Yea, I did.True, just chill at the swimming pool naturally relaxing our body, mind and soul!