Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'Ka Wo Man Si Hing'

'Ka Wo Man Si Hing', a smooth life starts from a balance harmony of a family. It's not where you stay, what car you drive, what type of Abalone you like, how much money you have in the bank etc. It's always the right attitude that comes 1st, having utmost gratitude that you're truly happy with simple, happy life. The reason why I said this begins with last Sunday, I went to visit my Uncle Chew who's finally resting at home with other brothers and my mom's waiting for me to come also. They're all having the usual brother, sister talk and I was there laughing as usual that afternoon. 

Although they're all staying in an apartment now compared to before, we used to stay in a big 3 storey house together, I think they're old and mature enough now to live happy, simple life together. But no matter how simple life they can lead these days, their home theatre system is advanced enough like a mini cinema to me with the most updated technology you can see in the market and they're watching new movies everyday. They still enjoy life in a smaller place but in a better attitude ever. 

My uncles all took turns to share their latest stories with me that day where he told me he dye Uncle Gudeh's white hair to black hair, using his pocket money. I was thinking it's great that they actually bonded time and money for each other in their 50's and 60's. My Uncle Chew has been going in and out to University Hospital for many times in the past 2 weeks. I told him he really made us worried about him and finally he has agreed to take Cellfood now after that morning when he's supposed to do an angioplasty surgery, doctor said no more blockage so the surgery's been cancelled. 

Not only it save him the cost of RM10,000 but it saves my worries for him. That few days when I visit him at the hospital, I pushed him to take it from the 1st day. Seeing the miraculous result himself, he agreed to take it since I'm buying it for him he's very happy about it. I actually told him that I'm lazy to explain again and again for so many times that whatever healthy supplements which are good in the market, you need to have healthy cells 1st before you can absorb other nutritious supplements. With this lesson learnt, he realized how important to listen and learn. We are extremely busy recently with more than 130 new items developed for the Japanese buyers but family matter always comes 1st. 

Thank God the completion of Autumn Project is finally completed this week, will be ship over to Japan today and we can take a break for Merdeka holiday with my mom and sister Defney(3 sekawan). They both have planned this for long as 3 of us love shopping, exploring everywhere eating good food and enjoying spa together. And they wanted to visit the famous 'Bak Lung Wong', the White Dragon King Temple in Chiangrai, Thailand with us as they heard about it from other friends travelling to Chiangmai must visit this famous temple for sure. I spoke to my dear Charmers already, they totally understand that this time of travel only 3 of us would be going with Rambo as they don't like going shopping with us so we'll plan another year end school holiday with them soon. Haha...my dear Charmers are big girls now.

Nowadays, it's Rambo who actually tempted me to go travel and enjoy life. He works really hard to earn money and he wana be inspired to get motivated for the next projects in hand. That Sunday when we met Jeyie, who's going to Canada this year he asked me to plan Canada+USA trip soon but I told Rambo and Jeyie "Cannot lah, no need to work ka? Haha...this year itself we have travelling plans to 10 countries so it's really enough for 2013." Even my best ally Sis Toto kept asking us to go Myanmar with them this year end, I'm not interested to join that. And when my long lost schoolmate asked me about travel, I told her we should plan nicely 1st before we make any decision soon. I'm already on holiday mood, happy holiday all and C ya in Sept!

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