Sunday, August 4, 2013

SOTHYS Pyjamas Party

Arrived at Sothys Pyjamas Party on time and snap some pictures for some
great memories. Such a coincidence I bought this new JC Juicy Couture
Pyjamas from Gardens and so I took the chance to wear it for this party.

The main title for this party thrown by LilacBox/Sothys is 'Better Skin While You Sleep', basically to train us
to have a good, deep sleep and to cultivate better skin while we're sleeping. It's a good training I would say.  

This it the tired-looking picture of me, as I felt so sleepy already with the overall ambience around us and the
cute blanket wrapped around me as I felt so cold in this room. 

Started with a French Class by Lilacbox and then this class by Sothys. This is one great sharing by Sothys on
the food caution for sleep promoter and sleep killer that can help to promote our sleeping habits/patterns. I find
it to be beneficial lot so I actually trying to follow the step of taking banana before I sleep but I kinda blend and
mixed it with my usual Strawberry+Yoghurt Juice. Really yummy and I sleep really deep like a baby. Hmm,
feeling great to be awake early in the morning with agendas to complete for the day. Today is a beautiful day! 

I prepared to try the Sothys skincare through hands on training but they only do it after the makeover by the
trainer. Kinda wasted, should do it while the trainer is explaining it to us the right steps to take care of our skin.  

There were many mini games for q & a session and best dressed prizes. I never participate in it as I still have
many Sothys skincare at home from top to toe of dry body oil full size for my daily massage to full bottle
moisturiser to use. I really need to finish using everything before I can buy any new Sothys beauty set.

The Sothys Skinscope voucher worth RM150 and skincare deluxe sizes as doorgifts
from this workshop. The chamomile tea and refreshments with cherries were nicely
prepared for us but too bad, the tea was not hot anymore should serve it when it's hot.
It was nice to meet all the Sothys staffs as they really make a great effort to organise a
meaningful event that's beneficial to our health, beauty and wellness for us.

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