Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Buddhism 3 Treasures Values

This cute Buddha picture is so cute I can't help it but to share it on my Facebook page. That night I asked Rambo if he have seen this and he reads it, "Ren Shen San Bao - Shou : Zuo Hao Shi, Kou : Shuo Hao Hua, Jiao : Zou Hao Lu". The good meaning of this Buddhism teaching seems easy but it's not easy to do at all. What to say to practise Buddhism, it's even harder unless you're really sincere practising it for good. If you really understand the meaning of this and practise it with good faith and total sincerity, you'll succeed to lead a good, happy life for yourself. 

Rambo totally agreed with me on the statement I just shared with him. Said is always easier than really doing it, what to say in this reality world that's full of greed, anger and ignorance of today's social world. Too many lies, rumours and criticism from everyone who think they're right but they never realised that a fight/argument will not happen if you speaks with honesty, sincerity and clarity of the situation. Not forgetting to eradicate the 1st poison that's ego, most easily and sensitive attack of all.

No one is really perfect and we tend to make mistakes every now and then or within a minute when someone is rude to us for example. But when a fight did happened, always 'Fan Sing' yourself on the incident if you yourself is really at fault or not. And in any misunderstanding, fight or arguments, there is no such thing that you're totally right or wrong as everyone tends to think they're right and stand firm at their position. If it's because of one fight, the relationship gone sour or ended, it's kinda wasted as affection is always greater than perfection. 

Just like the case in 'Letting Go Blog' that I have shared between my Da Jie and her daughter, both of them do not wana 'mengalah' and Da Jie already told us that night if her daughter never apologize to her before the Wednesday Raya Holiday, she will be grounded at her private school and not coming with us. This time, Da Jie really stand firm on her position because she have given so many chances to her but she never appreciates that and learn good attitudes in life. 

My Sis Toto told me that she called the private school teacher and lecture her on the 'Di Zi Gui' teachings just to make sure that she learn about filial piety and apologize to her mom or else, she gotta stayed the whole week at the school alone by herself as the other cousins are joining us. She did so Da Jie forgave her that night and she came along with us. Someone needs to make the 1st move somewhere, somehow and in this case, her daughter was smart enough.  

And both gotta be 'Dai Yan Yao Dai Leong'(A person with a big heart) to forgive and forget each other that eventually will lead to a better ending. No point holding any grudge with anyone as time pass by, you only have enough time to spend precious times with loved ones, full of joys, cheers and laughters. That's what I told my friends whom I finally met for a gathering after 10 years gap and they asked me, "Why you never age, you still look the same like 10 years before?" Haha...I only managed to smile.

I knew I laugh a lot as I'm always a happy go lucky person, even my dear Charmers always wanted to hear me laugh out loud when I read their sharing diaries with me every Saturday. Weeks by weeks, I have seen so much improvements in their sharing, spelling and characters as well. At times, they may have misunderstandings and heart feelings with each other that happen during the week. I called out one by one, listen to their stories and clarify the whole situation with them before advising them what to do. 

In fact, I never take any sides as I told them I love 3 of them with all my heart. And they are kids, they're purely cute and innocent. Today, they unfriend each other but the next day, they play and eat together. It is as simple as that. Just like Lynette wrote the song lyric 'Proud Of You' and sang in front of me with her signature gestures and dance, I was so proud of her but I told her she only needs to sing a higher note at the end of ~"I can fly, I'm proud to fly up high."~Ying Shan was sitting beside me and she said she likes my singing better than her. 

Upon hearing that, Lynette was not so happy about it and my sister Wan hinted to me secretly, "She don't like us to give any comment to her". Haha...I laughed and I told Lynette while hugging her tightly, "Lynette, we definitely love your singing even Popo said you're very clever. In fact, Dai Yiyi think you're fantastic. It's just that if you can sing higher notes at this part, it'll be perfect for you." She nodded her head, trying to digest what I have said to her in a gentle manner and she tried again.        

Even my sister Shyan, another singer in the house who's working closely with a group of artistes in Malaysia gave her some tips of the soprano examples. I told her, we all meant well and it's really up to her how she wana sings it at the end of the day as long she's feeling comfortable with it. And so she tried again and I must admit that I was so proud of her as she did her very best. She actually listen to us and just like me, she's not easily affected by praise or blame to achieve what she wants in life. 

What really matter is so long she's happy, we are happy for her that's for sure. And I'm glad that I really talk to her and have total faith in her that I can speak to her with total honesty and sincerity. She's a child aged 6 years old who speaks and behaved like an adult because she have the wisdom to listen and learn. I respect my dear Charmers just like they respect me, I always discuss and asked their opinions rather than to make any decision for them as I trust they have their own thoughts to their preference. 

That's why we never fight or argue as everytime they have any misunderstandings, I tried to be their Arbitrator to solve and settle their disputes over the issue. And in their cases, it's usually small and minor problems as they're all just kids but I hope they learn from it. As time goes by, months to years now I can said that they are very mature, well-behaved and I'm very proud of them they can survive to live up their lives with total happiness so long they keep on practising the Buddhism values in them. Even to my sisters, I always remind them to be happy in life they need to practise Buddhism in their daily lives and they promised me they would. And from what I see is they're truly happy when they sincerely practise Buddhism. TQ Amituofo!

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