Sunday, August 11, 2013

YUN NAM Haircare Rejuvenate Treatment

I was invited for a complimentary hair consultation+hair treatment+haircare set by YUN NAM Haircare Centre at The Curve by Rambo's Platinum Credit Card. As I was having a hair damage dilemma recently, I went for the hair consultation to check on the latest updates of my hair condition after a few months of hair masks pampering and hair tonic treatment with much patience. I told her my hair problem honestly and I knew that a healthy hair scalp should be clean and it will formed 3 healthy hair strands. From the hair analysis, she showed it to me that I have clean hair scalp with 3 healthy hair strands formed from every hair follicle. It's only that my hair texture is very fine but I like it to be fine anyway, so it's fine with me. 

In fact, I knew all this facts and infos since I was 24 years old when my friend invited me once for the same hair care treatment together with her. And I love to attend many magazines' events that I got to learn all about hair important knowledge. I have also signed up with many hair care centres before like Svenson, 101 Hair Care Centre etc. and I have tried many other hair care treatments like from Rene Furterer in Pavilion, Midvalley Japanese Hair Specialist(forgot the name) that gave me many great experiences in hair care special kinda treatments throughout the years.    

I thought my hair need a total repair that I need to sign up a package to revive my crowning glory for my hair once again but after the rejuvenating treatment, they never pushed me into signing up with them, I just left for Vegetarian dinner that night with Rambo's family. I like the hair treatment that they offered to me from the start with a thorough hair wash and scalp tonic application with great massage on the head and neck area for better absorption for the tonic, blood circulation for my head  after steaming it for about 20 minutes and finally blow dry my hair.  Sititing there for about an hour plus I already 'beh tahan' as I can't sit for long one, I already bising wana go ladies lah, eat lah, drink lah, charge handphone along the 2 hours treatment.  

Haha...lucky Rambo was around to accompany me while I'm reading a magazine or else, I'm gonna feel bored like the 'Home Alone'. They also offered me a big cup of Ginseng Tea that tasted not bad and I knew it's good for my health, just that it's not my cup of tea only. Overall, I enjoy the free treatment esp. the hair massage and I don't mind to sign up any new hair package again. I told Rambo liao if they offer me a good package this time he can sign up for me so I can revitalised my damaged hair to healthy hair back again. He's totally preparing for it but it turned out that they never really into pushing me so I left with an open heart and thankful for the great services and good experience with YUN NAM Hair Care Centre.  


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