Monday, August 12, 2013

BABOR Beauty Workshop

I finally pushed myself to attend this Babor Beauty Workshop as that week
I have no mood to do anything or going anywhere due to my tooth fairy story.

My friend Grace and I have confirmed to attend it together so I came but can't
eat much at Redbox K. Just let nature take its course, enjoy the workshop with
an open heart. I've been to Germany twice around a few cities but never come
across Babor Salon anywhere in the city.But I knew about Babor brand as I 've
tried their facial and use the famous ampoules back in my 20's beauty exploration.
After watching the Babor International sharing on their history, technology in beauty that produces one of
the biggest ampoules production in the world and all the likes sharing from staffs, business owners and fans,
we start on the cleansing ritual by Babor ways of beauty routine with cleansing oil and cleansing gel. So nice
scent that got me so hooked with the cleansing part using Babor products.
Then we continue on the scrub part after having really clean skin to remove
dead cells and smoothen our skin to soft, smooth skin. It's gentle and smells
good too.  

This Babor Comfort Cream Mask not only smells refreshingly rejuvenating but
it actually moisturised my skin to firm and hydrated skin after removing it. 

The scent was sent from heaven and the texture of the mask was creamy enough
to provide the moisture level that I need for my dehydrated skin. It works for me! 

I asked for a Lifting Ampoule as I told the trainer I need a total uplift for my ageing
skin. I can feel that my skin feels tight and firm up with the massage that I kept on
pushing my cheeks up. The effective result can be seen with the obvious change
that I can feel my skin is quite tight after the ampoule application. 

Actually I don't really like white colour cream that seems boring to me but I
like this heavenly scent moisturiser that's easily absorbed into my skin after
2 rounds of massage on my face. 3 of us totally agreed with that.

The SPF protection(spray type) to complete the beauty journey with Babor that afternoon. Smells good also
and easily melt into my moisture-hunger skin. 

The Babor goodies that we're satisfied to bring back for home or travel use from the beauty workshop.I was
glad I came that day to get up close with Babor brand and the most important thing right now is that I hope
that this set of Babor skincare can keep my skin beautiful and youthful real soon. Love Babor brand! To
get up close with Babor brand, you can check out


  1. Hi Grace, love the recap! Its amazing what you can discover from a beauty box, ey? Or in your case, rekindle an old flame with Babor :-)

    Btw, where did you get your dress from? They're gorgeous!

    1. Hi Laura, I'm Jacinta.Thanks for the comment.Yea, beauty box is fun and inspiring lot. True, Babor an old love flame of beauty.Haha...the dress is from Miss Selfridge, check it out from Midvalley!

    2. Whoops..sorry. I guess I still have one foot in Monday Blues mode and mistaken your name for your friend's. Haha.
      Haven't been shopping for clothes for months. Thanks for the lead!

    3. problem. Sure, anytime!