Monday, August 26, 2013

STURMANSKIE Historical Event

Sturmanskie Russian brand by the Red Army Watches at Zang Toi last Saturday afternoon. 

Russia is the world's largest manufacturer in Aviation wristwatches, with a history going back to 1927 when the Russian government decided to build quality watches for its military. From highly complicated chronographs to big-dialed, easy-to-read timekeepers, the Aviator watch by Volmax is the culmination of three quarters of a century of aviation watch development.

Zang Toi's signature cocktail snacks, eating while learning more about the Russian brand historical inspiration
about their watches. Worthy of my time spent as watches is part of the fashion passion I'm passionate about.   

In 1949 the manufacturing of Sturmanskie watches was started. They were standard issue to all air force pilots at the time and were never sold in shops. On 12 April 1961, Gagarin became the first human to travel into space in Vostok 3KA-2 (Vostok 1) and return.  

It's been a few years already I've been trying to get a new, nice watch for myself just for the fun of it as a watch collector but I couldn't find one that I really like. This year, I have also attended a few of the branded watches parties' invitation, I find that now many of the brands have total changes in designs revolving of adding crystals, diamonds and many new artistic designs on the watches that speaks of luxury, sophistication and sensational class. 

Juliana introducing the Sturmanskie brand to us. Mainly on the Sputnik, Open Space and Strela
introduction from the Sturmanskie models.

During his historic flight he wore Shturmanskie wristwatch – which thus became the first watch to travel into Space and demonstrated perfect functioning in the conditions of zero-gravity.In 2013 "Volmaks" releases the new quartz range of "Sturmanskie" known by highest quality and affordable price point. The price range is between RM660 to RM9600(only arrive to Malaysia in December 2013), seems affordable to me. 

Getting a branded watch at the end of the day, it's always the price factor that finally decides if it's worth to pay for the luxury and elegance of a watch or the many functionality of a watch that's suitable for you. And it's always worth to spend some money on branded watches because it's the quality that speaks by itself in time to come. Just like my Mikimoto Pearl Watch, it's been 5 years I have never change the battery, it's still working and as pretty as new.

Often times I saw someone wearing a nice watch I talked to them about watches, they kept on sharing with me about their thoughts and why they are willing to spend a fortune on it. I totally understand that and I usually encouraged everyone to get a nice watch to keep and wears it everyday not because you wana show off your status about who you are and how capable you are to others but it's the personality that you portrays as a watch lover with passion towards watches. I always reminding Rambo from time to time that Buddhism taught us we only need 3 basic things in life to be happy. 

The 1st important thing is a home sweet home that comes with total harmony in the family and not a big bungalow with daily arguments and worries to pay monthly payment for the big house, secondly is the food and thirdly is the clothing. To me, a watch is consider what I'm wearing everyday, part of the clothing thing that I can spend and feeling great about it. Just like my sister who told me that she's saving some money to buy a luxury watch or a branded handbag like Fendi and I totally support her on that as it's part of the things we carry or wear everyday. 

The back of the watch design looks nice too. Simple yet interesting to admire when you put on the watch.

I remember I met this Tan Sri who wore a branded watch cost more than RM100K during one of the meeting my friend Karen asked me to accompany her to promote the latest Merc Benz to him. I told her she only needs to follow-up with him but never put too much hope in pushing him to buy a new car as he's so rich he can afford to drive any car he wanted. 

And with the watch he's wearing already symbolise his high living standard for sure. In sales and marketing, you really need to be observant enough to spot that and prioritise what comes 1st to maximise your sales target. In fact, I told her to concentrate more focus to this 30's man who came that afternoon for a test drive who may buy a brand new Merc Benz from her and so she did it. 

This is one of the many models that I like most with a world globe on a watch seems cool to me, cost RM864.

2007 Volmax launched the “Sputnik” line of commemorative watches, dedicated to the world’s first artificial satellite.  The case is made in a unique, classic design and fits the wrist perfectly.  With a map of the Earth etched on the dial, the rotating disc that replaces the standard central second hand symbolizes Sputnik’s orbit around the globe.

A picture momento with Rane, Julianna, MD of Red Army Watches Malaysia and Ashley.

Sturmanskie brand is available in Malaysia at Pavilion Level 4, Ground Floor One Utama and Level One Tropicana City Mall. I have two RM50 voucher for the purchase of Hirsch strap collection, if you like to have it do pm me. To get up close with the brand, you can check out and Facebook page at 

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