Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CellLabs Derma Whitening Facial Review

It's great to meet Kay who is very efficient in her job as a Brand Manager as I only informed her the day before
that I'm gonna come Tuesday for the facial review. Not only I enjoyed the CellLabs facial pampering on that
afternoon by Nicole but I learnt a lot from Kay on the Placenta information and facts that I've been longing
to learn more about it. We talked for awhile on the Placenta products that they're carrying in the company,
other supplements and one of the best mask I have ever tried that is Quite Coat Mask.  

Ooh, I love Valmont brand as I have tried their facial and products before that got
me so hooked with its heavenly sent scent. The products also gave magical result
in just one time of the luxurious treatment by Cellgen Beauty, CellLabs at Midvalley.

This advanced Korean technology that able to capture our skin from within with analysis based on 400 Koreans
vs. our skin. It's easy and I like the detailed skin analysis system done as I get to know more about my skin now.

The orange colour(mine) vs. the green colour(400 Koreans) is the result of my skin analysis on Pores, Wrinkles,
Spots, Sebum and Skin Tone checks. Overall, my skin is healthy but dehydrated and pigmentation that's hiding
under my skin as this machine can detect it from within the deeper layer of skin. I believe so as I knew spots will
form anyway when we age. Sooner or later, it's a matter of time only.    

CellLabs is using this activated water with small molecule for better absorption of the products that penetrate
deep into our inner layer of skin for good cell regeneration. I drank full cup of the warm water after the facial.

The soothing ambience that seems inviting enough for me to feel comfortable getting prepared for the new
experience by CellLabs. Both Nicole and I agreed to try on the Dermal Whitening Facial that cost RM598.
She already brief with me overall on the best products combination of Darphin, Valmont and Quite Coat
to suit my skin type to achieve the firm, radiant and glowing skin after the facial.

She started to use the Darphin Peeling Scrub after cleansing my face cleanly
using the Valmont Cleansing Milk and Cleansing Gel. Both Valmont and
Darphin products really smell so refreshingly revitalising, I felt so energetic
with the nice scents. After awhile, when the scrub was dried up, she scrub it
off and I can feel that my skin was so smooth like a baby skin.  
Nicole told me that their main CellLab's philosophy is to make sure our skin is
properly cleansed to very clean skin before they can start on any advance
treatment for us. For those acne/problematic skin, they really need long time to
deeply cleanse and extract out those acne/black/white heads out and complete
the cleansing part by using this heat red light machine to remove toxins that
may stay on our skin after all the important steps in cleansing ritual steps. 

This is the Oxygen Machine that provides the oxygen, look more convenient
than the oxygen tank that I saw from Bella Skincare Centre. 

The oxygen spray that infused with hydration serum that smells naturally
good. Nicole did it on my left side of the face, I can see the obvious firm up
skin on the left side as the spray actually helps natural blood circulation by
the spraying of oxygen+serum deep into my skin. Even my dark eye circle has
gone and I felt so great about it as I don't like to massage hard on my eyes. It's
kinda easy and I wana see this kinda obvious improvements that did wonders
to my skin with simple steps like this. It cost RM98 for this oxygen treatment itself.

After the reviving result of panda eyes gone far far away from me with deep
hydration and firm up skin, I felt so relaxing already. Nicole then applied this
Qutie Coat, an award winning mask by Nu Er the famous Beauty Guru from
Taiwan who actually came to Malaysia to present the award for them personally.
Ooh, the mask was not only smells so refreshingly revitalising but it also gave
the best of both whitening and firming mask ever. Will blog about it soon. 

The creamy whitening Quite Coat Mask really radiates my skin to perfection,
then follow by a double mask from Darphin again for hydration needs of my
skin. Again, I felt so pampered with the relaxing scent of Darphin products as
their products are made from plants extracts with essential oils that succeed
to relax my body, mind and soul. I feel so relaxing, added with Nicole's best
touch of tender loving massage for me. I really love her skills on facial and
body massage for me from the back to hands massage too. 

Another lovely surprise for me from Kay.So nice of her, I always wana try
the award winning Qutie Coat Mask and I felt so happy to receive the gift
from her that day. I shared with her on my doubts of taking Placenta as I'm
not into taking unnatural kinda products and I don't encouraged killing the
sheeps for my beauty, health and wellness. But after talking to Kay, I learn
more about Placenta's products and after much research about it, I will blog
about Placenta infos and lastly, the review of it. But not so soon on it as I'm
on Imedeen Programme that will only be complete by Sept 2013.

When I came out from the room, Kay asked me how do I feel after the treatment I told her I want more. 
really love the pampering treatment so much that I told Rambo I wana visit CellLab again if I'm free for 
spa one day. I'm so grateful to Kay for this wonderful, beautiful spa pampering of my lifetime and I really 
like Nicole's touch obviously. To get up close with CellLabs or try any of their rejuvenating facial, check 
out or you can call 03-22842886 for an appointment that's 
suitable for your skin needs. Just stay tuned for my reviews, in the mean time stay healthy and pretty. 

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