Tuesday, June 17, 2014

AVON Beauty Day Out Event

Avon punya pasal, no matter how busy and how packed-full of events for me on that day, I would do my very best to make it on time for them that's for sure. Like I told Elaine and Rachel that early morning, Rachel did a very good job for all the Avon's events since the day I've known her. I always wana take a memoir picture with her but she's too busy all the time, but this time we all made the great efforts to catch the best shot 1st before the event starts. Finally, we did and I like this sweet momento to stay in Avon memories forever, for many years to come.

Elaine was very excited that day, she kept thanking all of us making the effort to come early on Saturday morning but I replied her it's always my pleasure to attend Avon's beauty events unless sometimes I couldn't make it due to the reasons revolving my business affair only. She's very humble and one of the best PR Marketing Manager I've ever met in my life. We always have good times, great taste together with Avon Affair as they always organized great events for us to share on blogs, both Rane and I totally agreed on this during our conversation over yummy lunch at Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel. 

The Avon Beauty Day Out that morning was specifically held for us the Bloggers to get pretty and happy with Avon's new ANEW 360° White Skincare range, besides introducing the new Over Nature Collection to us. Have you always wished that your skin could be forever fair, just like the palms of your hands? The impossible is now possible with Avon’s New and Improved ANEW 360° White Skincare range from Avon.

The Phenomena of ANEW 360° White, formulated with the exclusive Melanin Captivation Whitening Technology that penetrates deep into the dermal layer for long lasting whitening.

This unique finding has led AVON to create a breakthrough patent pending whitening technology that boosts PSP, which is the key to having long lasting whitening. The Melanin Captivation Whitening Technology provides a 360° action to your skin.

3 Patented and Exclusive Technologiest suppress the growth of melanin layer by layer
·         Clintonia Borealis Root extract induces PSP from dermal layer which inhibits melanin production.
·         Patented Zinc-Yeast with Vitamin C directly suppresses melanin production by melanocytes.
·         Avon’s exclusive PSP peptide interfere with keratinocyte factor signaling to melanocyte.

6 Powerful Ingredients address ALL kinds of impurities for a Flawlessly Fair Skin
Zinc Peptamide, TDPA, Phytol, Carrot, Soybean and Kudzu Extract helps resolve yellowness, redness, dullness and other imperfections.

0 Issues for Flawlessly Fair Skin is in your control! Proven Results: Whiter, Radiant Skin in 3 days*
1.      Melanin production is inhibited by 69% post sun exposure.*
2.      Pigmentation is inhibited.**
3.      After 8 weeks, 100% panelists showed improvement in mottled pigmentation.*

Protect by day, enrich by night, it’s around the clock whitening action. Try the new and improved ANEW 360° WHITE range today; 
·         360° White Illuminating Cleanser 125g – RM32.90 (S&S RM37.85)
·         360° White Illuminating Toner 100ml – RM36.90 (S&S RM42.45)
·         360° White Day Cream SPF20/PA++ 30g – RM63.90 (S&S RM73.50)
·         360° White Night Cream 30g – RM63.90 (S&S RM73.50)
·         360° White Ultra UV Shield SPA 50/PA++ 30g – RM55.90 (S&S RM64.30)

ANEW 360° WHITE Dual Sheet Mask is a unique 2-step mask that transforms skin to be whiter and fades spots and discolorations for a flawlessly fair skin. Each mask consists of a full-face mask and a de-spot mask that are loaded with intensive whitening ingredients that fights off spots on cheeks. The ANEW 360° WHITE Dual Sheet Mask retails at RM89.90 (S&S RM103.40) per box for 5 pieces each. 

The international makeup experts at Avon brings you yet another sensational collection that will satisfy your need for spellbinding colours and enriching benefits of nature, introducing the new Over Nature Collection by Avon.

Inspired by nature’s precious flowers, the new collection were created with a range of super-ingredients known to care for your skin with Wild Rose Oil and Pomegranate Flower nourishes and soften lips and skin, Peach Flower provides anti-oxidant properties that promotes youthful lips, while Vitamins A, C, E & Collagen keep lips looking healthy and supple, all day long.

Let's share nature’s goodness with everyone, the lipstick that comes with a soft, pleasing purple orchid scent. Enjoy true beauty with a chic makeup collection inspired by precious florals. I always love their lipstick collection for the past 20 years and this time, Avon has came up with this lovely floral packaging that instantly blown my heart away. Elegant is the key word sufficient to simply describes it!

Ultra Color Rich Over Nature Lipstick 3.6g
Drench lips in satin-smooth, full coverage colour that smoothens, moisturizes, leaving lips looking vibrant, healthy and revitalized. 8 blooming shades to choose from: Romantic Peony, Tropical Coral, Pink lily, Tender Tulip, Rose Blossom, Cherry Berry, Wild Rose, Extatique Hibiscus. 

Over Nature Make Up Palette 2.4g
Avon’s first ever palette with floral components features vivid colours for eyes and cheeks. Instantly illuminate and define with this blendable, crease proof shadow and rosy cheek colours.  Comes in two exclusive colour palettes of Garden Voyage and Ocean Flower.  

Fazura, Avon Malaysia’s makeup ambassador shares her delight over the collection. “Beautiful shades, skin-loving ingredients, and chic ‘papier’ packaging that make touch-ups in public feel glamorous, what’s not to love about this range? It’s a limited edition, so get yours now!”

This time around, let nature weave its magic to be the belle of the ball with ANEW 360° WHITE and Over Nature Collection, available starting 16 May 2014. To purchase, contact your AVON Dealer or visit any AVON Beauty Boutiques nationwide. For more inquiries, call the AVON toll-free Line at 1-800-22-AVON(2866) or  log on to http://www.my.avon.com 

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