Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beautiful Life Stems From A Grateful Life

Corinne told me last Friday she's been waiting for my Hokkaido Blog to be posted up but didn't see any of it. Looking at all the pictures from my Hokkaido Album, I really had no idea where to begin my story from. Too many interesting things to share that I really need to push up my start button steadily by June, whether it is to share about the yummy Japanese food, the serene scenery of Hakodate or the Hot Spring escapade that I have shared it with her when she asked me about it. I tried uploading my pictures as soon as I can but still, I have yet to upload all of it as I have 3 big albums to choose the pictures from. But I did told her she can view it from my Japan - Hokkaido Album 1st. 

Haha...I was so busy with my Summer Project that I need to complete by this week, preparing for my Autumn/Winter Projects this June and gotta complete all my outstanding roles and responsibilities before I can blog about my holiday. Yesterday itself, I went to this K-Beauty at Hyatt Hotel I met 5 of my friends when I visit the ladies, tea break time, after the lucky draw Yirin saw me went up to the stage she quickly came to say Hi to me, who also mentioned I fly everywhere and how I really enjoy my life to the max. I told them they can do the same, just plan properly and accordingly to their lifestyles. Yirin knew no matter how busy my life can be, I would still meet up my dear Charmers for dinner later.

When I met my dear LeAnne and Ying Shan that night, LeAnne was so attached to me that she wanted to sit next to me on the same chair when I was having my dinner. She just wana stay close to me and chat with us. Lucky that she's slim, I can give her some space to share the same seat with me but then, my dear girls are always the manja souls I can't get away from. I remember last month Lynette missed one Saturday when she attended a Hello Kitty Birthday Bash with her new classmates, the next Saturday she called me manjaly, "Dai Yiyi, last Saturday I didnt' see you" having her lip pout like 'merajuk' kinda expression.

I replied her, "I know, I saw your pictures on Facebook you were having a great time with your friends. It's ok dear Lynette, as long you enjoy your life, that's what really matter. I know you miss Dai Yiyi, I missed you too" with a kiss on her cheek. After kissing her only then she begins to smile and back to her old active life again. After I came back from Japan, obviously I met Rambo's Family that Sunday for a Vegan Dinner and share my happiness with them. My best ally Toto even imitate the way we took pictures together in Japan that make me laugh so much. I told them the next trip they should join us together as I know they love Japan and its culture very much. 

Last Saturday it was such an awe-inspiring moments for me as I have learned so much about myself based on the Colours Personality that I came from, and the accuracy came from the individual date of birth. The conclusion has came to a result that I'm actually a No.4 in Green Colour, my favourite color since I was little. My destiny has fated that I'm into Green when I represent my school/class in 'Rumah Hijau' for Lompat Jauh, Lompat Tinggi and Lari Berganti-ganti as the 1st Runner. And after I moved to another new school and secondary school also, I was destined to be in 'Rumah Hijau' all the time. Such an amazing co-incidence, Green all the way to the Champion top. That's why I love Green, it just happen to cross into my life, all my life!   

Green says that "I'm balance and let the Universe take its course" which I totally agreed with JQ. Plus getting to know more on the strengths and weakness of a Green personality that day somewhere, somehow I learn how to balance my life even more right now. We have so much fun at the event, getting to know more about each other and talk much about it. It's ironic when you know about the truth, but it can be true. In fact, I think it's a valuable lesson for all of us to get to know each other better, can try to tolerate and communicate with each other in a better understanding. Life is round, it can be turn around in 'Yuen Wat'(Round & Smooth) situation but not in upside down position. Life is not about determining who's right and wrong in any situation, but it's about how to achieve happiness and harmonious life with good people around.  

During my Japan Holiday or my past Europe Holidays, I have met so many people from all walks of life. Yea, mostly they're people who are very blessed but they're humble enough to mix around with everyone. When you go on tour, put all status and position away as we're all tour members of a group holiday where we should care, support and lift each other up. There are times you can't help it you'll meet some people tend to be egoistic because they thought they're somebody being more superior than you, so let them be. But after days of having tours together, inadvertently we can became good friends because it's fated that we'll meet along this journey of life. And how we can keep up to the good faith of a good friendship, it's all depending on our own efforts to keep the bond going stronger than ever. 

Time really past so fast that I just remember my last Eastern Europe holiday was in last year of June. There was this Uncle aged about 60+ looks very familiar to me, he kept staring at me from Day 1 and offering me one of the best Pizza in Germany that afternoon. Only when we were having Chinese Dinner at Prague that time, the prayer for my curiosity has been answered after I knew that I may have seen him in Seri Petaling when I was young that time. Both of us stayed in SP for years and he's now staying at the Semi-D in Bukit Jalil, he's been inviting me to visit his family many times liao. Never judge a book by its cover, he may look old and simple, but he's a kind man I knew the reason why God has bless him so much after getting to know him better in that 8 days trip.

He always called me 'Pak Shuet Gung Jue'(Snow White Princess), but after that trip I don't think I'm a Snow White anymore as I got so tanned and almost get sun burn by the hot summer weather in Austria. In Europe, be sure to protect your skin in triple layer of SPF protection or you'll get freckles in no apparent reason due to the harmful UV rays. Because of this lesson learnt, I am smart and no longer lazy on applying SPF now. Life can be so forceful sometimes, only when you're almost gonna lose something beautiful then you'll learn to appreciate life better, to be more grateful in life. There are times, God can give you the chance to change your life for better and there are times, God will let you learn your lesson in a tough way that may leave a scar in your life. So don't waste any time spiralling yourself in negativity blanket among the losers, mix with the winners and positive, blessed people who can uplift you to the top.  

Rambo told me Catherine has been asking him when we wana go Ipoh to visit them and stay one night at her Bungalow, when they were waiting for their luggage after our Japan Holiday. Haha...She never really give up and want an answer from me fast, but I can't promise her when I can travel there as my schedules are too tight for me right now. That day I wazzapp her hoping she's fine and she asked me the same question again, I promised her I would plan it real soon after my Summer Holiday in Melbourne. It's been 10 years long I have not fly to Oz and I kinda miss my holiday in Australia. I used to fly there every 2/3 years once, since I was 20 years old with my best friend Jos. We always have good times there together, where we can talk for hours, shopping for days and wearing the same fashion together. Bye for now, will update you in the next 2 weeks after my Summer Holiday, happy summer!      


  1. Dear Da Jie, Thank you for your lovely souvenir ! Love it...Thank you very much and wishing you have a wonderful summer holiday soon !! Love, Mei Mei

    1. You're most welcome dear, glad that you love it. Don't mention it, enjoy your Summer holiday too. Love, Jacinta!