Sunday, June 8, 2014

Silky Girl, Unleash Your True Colors Workshop

The new launch of SILKYGIRL Colors EDT range, held at Cititel Hotel Mid Valley. I was so
glad made it that Saturday as I had so much fun learning and laughing all day long. 

This 'Unleash Your True Colors' workshop is a co-joint event with Watsons Malaysia, that's
succeed to enlighten my day having a great boost of motivation energy level for me. 
I always love SILKYGIRL brand for its quality cosmetic products esp. the SPF two-way cake
powder to keep away from the harmful UV rays. I've been using it for years and sharing
it with everyone because it works for me, besides been able to protect my sensitive skin.

Evelyn Leong, Certified Color Therapist from The School of Natural Health Sciences, UK
somewhere, somehow has open up our mind about Colours Personality which work out
interesting and inspiring ideas for us to further improve our skills and talents hidden in us.

Every individual has a ‘life colour’ that moulds their personality and characteristics,
turned out to be so ironically true for all of us. I bought the book and read about it,

apply and share it with my family, friends who also benefiting from this knowledge.

It's a  fun-filled inspirational workshop with colourful balloon-creating sword, discussing
about the strengths and weakness of the colours personality and interactive games that
awaken our overall senses with colours and scents. And it's all about SILKYGIRL new scents

RADIANT(Orange), BLISSFUL(Blue) and PASSION(Pink) introduced to the Malaysian market.

It's all about discovering your natural talents and ideal career paths from your life colour. 
By taking part in this Colour personality test, we know how to balance the elements in life
more effectively. 

Let's get to the root cause of this workshop, calculate the date of birth to ascertain your
true colour. Everyone got very serious calculating the life colour to get the final answer!

 JQ got her Yellow Colour that says she's lovable, affectionate and full of fun kinda girl.
I totally agreed with it as I always love JQ's fun character, she's pretty and full of life!

Charmaine got a Red Colour personality that means she's loyal, practical and responsible
kinda person. I can affirm to the statements that confirm this Piscean personality fits to her
Red colour too esp. when we talked about Pisces during the workshop, as we're Pisceans. 

My lol partner in crime Adriene got herself an Indigo personality that simply confirms she's 
loyal, independent and committed to life. She can get along well with Green, that's me.

Mine is No.4, the Green that says "I'm balance and allowing the Universe to take its course",
powerful and a strategist. A Green person is like a map, she can see the whole big picture
      and can be demanding too.Haha...Yea, I know who I am and I'm trying to balance it now.

Makeup demonstration of day and night looks using Silky Girl makeups. Goodie bags
for all, lucky draws and healthy hotel food served to brighten up our smiles that day.
To get up close with SILKYGIRL,check out


  1. no attend beauty workshop for long time.. i think 2 yrs back last attended. I mean got cosmetics to use..

    1. There's a new workshop coming by SILKYGIRL, check it out from their Facebook page!