Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hokkaido Yummy Chocolates

This is only a part of some of the chocolates portion I'm sharing here that I've bought recently from Hokkaido Island, Japan. Anyway, I bought more chocs last time when I went for my Honshu holiday all around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto as I have more shopping time back then. This time less shopping time on our own as we're on a relaxing tour focusing more time in indulging ourselves at hot spring resort that's far away from the city. Nestled in the greenery surrounding of deep forest area, maybe you can chance upon some wild foxes living inside the woodland if you really into exploring the area. 

My mom gave me a jaw-dropping expression when I told her buying chocolates in Japan already cost me a few hundred Ringgit Malaysia or a few thousand dollars in Japanese Yen. Haha...but it's totally worth it as we're all enjoying it. All of my family members and friends including Rambo's Japanese colleague, told us the chocolates we bought are yummy lot and very famous in Japan too. The KitKat Green Tea Sakura is a limited edition chocolate, only applicable during Sakura season and whilst stock last at RM50 per box, so I quickly grabbed it as soon as I can. 

The rest like Tiramisu chocolates in a packet cost about RM40 and this Blueberry Choc tasted so yummy I saw LeAnne finishing it bit by bit. Everyone loved the specially made from Japan Tiramisu Choc also as it's like a star product of all time. Sis Toto told me the last time Rambo's brother-inlaw went to Hokkaido bought those chocs tasted not so good although wrapped in a beautiful package. Haha...I reasoned with her although he's a Japanese Chef getting much involved in Japanese food but he's not a 'Wai Sik' person like me, as I really love to try new food but only the yummy food would stay in my memory. I told Mr. and Mrs. Lim also during our shopping trip in Sapporo, the best ingredients and Spaghetti Pasta that I usually cooked and loved most didn't come from the Italian secret recipe but it secretly came from Japan. 

I loved doing my grocery shopping from Isetan for its quality freshness and originally made and came from Japan. That's why I used to bump into Nakamura esp.on Sundays during our shopping trips there. I usually spent a lot comes to hundred dollars, only shopping for the good food from Japan. Rambo never grumbled me when I go for my beauty and fashion shopping trips, but he did mentioned that I spent too much on food that he needs to earn more money for my eating habits. Haha...that's why he never wana go Isetan Supermarket when I suggested it sometimes, can't blame him also. Rambo can be strong and firm in making decisions in life too but I respect him for that. That's what relationship is all about, respect each other!

When Rambo's new Japanese colleague knew he's going to Hokkaido Island for Spring Holiday, he gave Rambo the name and show him the picture he wanted this particular chocolates only. He gave Rambo RM100 to buy this and Rambo managed to get 2 boxes of this and a pack of Tiramisu for the company as well. Rambo thought he can get to taste this chocolate from the office but according to all his colleagues, he only kept this for himself he told me that night.

I told Rambo he cannot blame him for doing so as after I have tasted this chocolate myself, I knew the utmost reason why he wanted to enjoy the chocolates all by himself because it's too yummy liao. He has every rights to keep that for himself, that's why he particularly pay him up front and wanted to buy this chocolates for his own enjoyment. All the shops, food factory including airport are also selling it at 620 Japanese Yen, clearly stated with no discount. 

If you have any family member or friends are going to Hokkaido Island soon, you can always ask them to get this absolutely delectable chocolates for you. No doubt it's one of the best chocolate I've ever tasted so far as it's not too sweet and tasted 'ngam ngam hou'(just right), it's actually melts into your mouth not just in your hands. The strawberry inside this choc is so fresh, tasted sweet and sour at the same time, it's a frozen strawberry and when you bite it, it's crunchy like a nut. Something very special about this chocolate that kinda melts my heart away, that's why I must blog about it.

In future when you travel there, don't miss out this wonderful thing to happen in your life too. I let Rambo taste it when he told me about his Japanese Choc tales, he then realized he should respect his Japanese colleague's decision to enjoy it, keeping it for himself. He's going nowhere for now, he needs to stay for another year in Malaysia before he can enjoy his favourite choc again and how often would we travel there to get him more supply for his favourite choc right? Life is fair, be understanding! 

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