Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Bumper 2014

Almost every week now LeAnne would create all the cute cartoons of me, Snow White Princess lah, Hello Kitty of me, Sporty Ice Queen etc. She wazzapp me almost every weekend, I saw it when I woke up in the morning and I laugh out loud about it. She makes me laugh so much, Rambo felt so jealous about it saying LeAnne only created it for me. Haha...I told LeAnne about it one Saturday, she's smart enough she quickly took a close shot of him and created a few pictures for him after that. He felt good about it when I showed it to him.

During our Summer Holiday in Australia Melbourne(Winter Season) - Puffing Billy Tour, I felt so cold I just wrapped myself in folding both of my arms together and sit tight. Lynette sits far across from me, next to May my second sister who's sitting next to her boyfriend Dominic. She came to me and asked if I was feeling cold, I replied her "Yes, very cold!" She gave me the warmer bag to keep myself warm with it. I thanked her and told Rambo about it when he asked me where did I get that from as he's feeling very cold too. 

My sister May heard that and asked Lynette, "Lynette, I feel so cold right now. Try touch my forehead, I think I'm sick lah. Where's my Warmer Bag?" Both Rambo and May the Tigers laugh out really loud, Lynette just looked at me with 'Paiseh' look on her face. Haha...Then she closed her face with both of her palms, feeling bashful about it like the Bashful Dwarf. I told all of them I'm gonna blog about it and they all laugh out loud again. They always love to play with her and saja teasing Lynette because she's kinda biased in loving and caring more for me. But it's the nature of what goes around, comes around and the circle of life, where we're living happily and truly loving each other very much.  

It is how I nurture, care and love her all my life with tender loving care, teaching her human values with Buddhism teachings and guiding her the right path of life that she's treating me back in the same way I have taught her all these years. One thing for sure, she's very blessed because she's very grateful to life kinda girl. Although she's 7 years old now, she can adapt to my teachings very well and a fast learner too. Everytime I bought her things and souvenirs, she thanked me twice "Tq, Dai Yiyi!" and after she kept her things in her bag safely, she thanked me again just to be sure I got her message loud and clear. I need to reply her, "Welcome" twice also...Haha.

No matter how close and attached we can be, I always taught them to be independent standing confident with their own two feets firmly on their decisions. Just like LeAnne, she wanted to fly to Melbourne with me together but I told her she needs to fly with her family together, reaching there 2 days earlier. I reasoned with her, we would reach there on Wednesday morning and she should enjoy family bonding 1st before we arrive. She wanted to call me but I told her to wazzapp me will do. And during that two days she arrived to Melbourne, she updated me with a video, her pictures and message me to come faster. 

Haha...I showed the message to Ying Shan who also laughed about it as LeAnne have been waiting for us for 2 days long like a long neck Giraffe. When she saw me that morning after I took a hot bath and sufficient rest in the room, she quickly hugged me lovingly with "Amituofo Dai Yiyi" greeting. I hugged her tightly and flourish her a compliment "Wah, pretty girl in winter clothing." Lynette saw us hugging tight, with her pouty lip she called me, "Dai Yiyi" holding both of her hands on her waist that I have left her out. "Where are you, I didn't see you?" She ran to me and we both hugged tightly too.

I knew my mom cannot sleep easily like me for the 8 hours journey, I made her 'Relaxation Tea' before we fly that night. For me, I sleep like a Pig after having 4 bowls of 'Lou Shu Fan', noodles cooked by the malay chef at Plaza Premium Lounge, a cup of hot Latte(still can sleep) and a Hot Dog Set. The moment we settled freely after the takeoff, I lied down and slept the whole night through till the next morning we almost reached Australia. It was a nice journey for me until I saw the ugly attitude of this cabin crew that steps on my tail and got my patience expired totally. I have zero tolerance with bad attitude kinda person who's rude, lazy and egoistic. I called the Supervisor and complained about her in writing, I told her to make sure the complaint letter reached to AirAsia or I would report her too if it's not. I seldom wana complain anyone in any bad situation like this as I always try to be compassionate for their wrongdoing, but then I thought enough is enough for me in my professional defense manner. 

I always think what if she lost her job because of my dissatisfaction, but after given myself much thoughts about it she has gone overboard with her disgusted bad behaviour not only to me but other passengers as well I have no choice but to give her a better lesson to learn from AA, as she had tarnish the AirAsia reputation for a bad name/record now. Because of her arrogant attitude, I told Rambo and my family of 14 people not to fly with AirAsia anymore if really there's no great deal on the fare, even if it's cheap also better think twice to fly with AA or not. From my thorough observation, others never acted like her at all and on my way back to KL, all the cabin crews were fine for me. It's only her that I can't stand, Rambo also 'beh tahan' her as he also mentioned that the way she pulled the trolley lazily, she actually knocked everyone's side seat without apologizing. I have never seen such a bad cabin crew like her before, honestly in all my travelling experience. AA, you don't have to sack her but you really need to employ a better cabin crew team, provide them a better training to serve your passengers as we don't fly with AA for free and we deserve a good, professional service on board. 

Rambo has been asking me for the pictures of Japan to be uploaded on Facebook, I told him I was too busy right now and to give me more time as I need to complete all my blogs 1st. He smiled and totally understand my situation. Be back real soon for June updates! 

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