Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So Much To Live In Life

Liew told me he follows my blog religiously and claimed to be my No.1 fan of my Evergreen Love Blog. I told Rambo about it, he rebutted the fact to it and said he's my No.1 fan too. And I told him, "Ok, both of you are my No.1 and No.2 fan respectively, no need to fight over it and I'm grateful for the loyal support from both of you." Actually, nowadays the reason why I'm still blogging till today is mainly to update my blog that's established now. Slowly and progressively, I have received many great, positive personal messages thanking me for sharing my blog that somewhere, somehow inspired me to blog more esp.on Buddhism sharing which I'm trying to learn everyday from it too. Thank you so much, I really appreciates the positive feedbacks I never expect from you guys+gals. 

That's what keeps my momentum going, stronger than ever. It's the main reason why I keep on blogging about life, positive thinking and giving real hopes to people around the world. It's to awaken and enlighten our daily lives to live freely and happily in life as life is indeed short, precious and can be beautiful if you put it altogether. Everytime when family and friends said how wonderful life I'm living each day, I only replied them, "Lei Tai Ngo Hou, Ngo Tai Lei Hou" that simply means 'You see me good, I see you good'. It's not that my grass in the garden is greener than you, it's actually the same green colour but it's a matter of how often do you water your garden, fertilize it and planted any lovely flowers to beautify it or not. If you did, obviously it looks nice too.

I always told them, always stay grateful and be thankful for what you have. Life is fair I believe, you reap what you sow. Just last Monday, I left my iP at Sunway Pyramid during a dessert time with Rambo. We happened to crack some jokes about a hilarious story that we laughed so much I totally forgot about my mobile phone. I only remember it when I wana take some pictures at home. Rambo couldn't find it in my car so he called and found out it's waiting for me at Sunway Pyramid Customer Service counter. He quickly drove back there and collect it back for me. I really appreciates his help that I wanted to call him and thanked him personally, but Rambo told me he did liao. 

I thought of giving him a treat for the return of my iP but Rambo told me the guy was very humble, kept saying it's fine and so I can only thanked him by praying to 'Amituofo' to bless him always. The last time Rambo found the latest Blackberry and new iP, he also return it to the customer service and I always make sure if he can trust the person-incharge there. He told me yes and so happen, the grateful person to Rambo was a Japanese buyer too during the MIFF Fair at PWTC. In Japan, if someone found your wallet and return it to the police station, he can claim 10% of the total cash you have in the wallet. You can still give more if you like to, it's really up to you. 

For me, I was so grateful that night after getting my iP back I started to treasure it even more. I wiped it clean and upload some pictures that I've taken that day on my Facebook. It's the important contact numbers, data that I've saved all the years and precious pictures I've taken that I most treasured about my iPhone. It's worth much more than any money value I can put the price tag on it. Rambo always wanted to get the latest iP5 for me, but I stopped him all the time as I don't need it. I can still use it, it didn't give me any problem at all and I never really get so intimately attached with my iPhone as the radiation is bad for my health. 

Unlike my sis and Rambo, they both needed wifi and their phones 24 hours a day, like their oxygen tanks. Haha...just like the last Melbourne tour, my sis Defney saw Rambo was busy with his iP and wondered got wifi but never tell her about it. After he confirmed to her there's wifi service for 30 minutes, she quickly asked Rambo to get it for her as well. Obviously, I left my iP at hotel and I need not update any selfie pictures of mine as I have the both of them to update selfie for all of us. And it's fun to be travelling with all my family members esp. seeing the excitement of my dear Charmers during the tour. They're the twinkle twinkle little stars who are able to ignite the sparks of the party.

My dear LeAnne quickly ran and hugging me so tightly when we're waiting for the ATT Tour coach bus from Australia to fetch us to Philip Island. My mom also came in and asked me where I went in the morning, after LeAnne questioned me why I didn't join the 'Maggi Party' I've organized the night before. I explained to her that "the 1st night I was too tired from the travel I actually took some noodle and slept, I woke up at 11pm and went to popo's room to look for you. Popo told me you were waiting for me but I didn't turn up, you went back room to sleep. I didn't realized I was that tired, sorry." My dear LeAnne is growing up fast, she always needs an answer or an explanation from me to confirm the truth. I then told my mom I went to get some snacks from the short shopping near hotel, took my lunch and waiting eagerly for them at the lobby. 

Lynette was very attached to me all along the tour and on her last day leaving Oz back to KL, she followed me from the door to my mom's bed telling me the bruise on her head was painful. I asked LeAnne to spray a lot of Cellfood on her face, I slowly massage for her from the forehead to flatten the small bruise on her head where she did sound to me "Pain". "Yea, I know. Try to relax, I did the best I can. It's better to feel pain a bit now than to just leave it like that. Go home ask mommy to put some concentrate and massage it again for you. If the pain still persist, ask mommy to bring you see doctor ok." Manjaly, she nodded her head to confirm she got my message loud and clear. I told my sis about it so that she will pay attention to it as she's sitting next to me and offered me the Honey Comb that's too sweet for me. 

I waved goodbye to them, they left with a heavy heart and hope we'll meet again Sunday but I replied them I will provided I'm free after I reached KL, Malaysia. I knew they're performing for a charity cause in Sunway Resort Hotel so I believe they're very busy with their schedule also. That Sunday when I reached home I quickly took my bath and slept till the next blissful morning. I have tonnes of emails to reply, my business affair to attend and blogs to complete. If I don't complete the piles of work, I don't think I have the liberty to do what I really want in life. I took the time, slowly I complete all my blogs pending for June then I finished all my accounts and finally, I can attend more events now. My email recently have some virus issues, suddenly came tonnes of them, sometimes missing till I only got it later after a week. Sot crazy punya pc, I told Rambo to upgrade and fixed it for me asap. 

3 months ago, Charmaine also showed me the email on this particular beauty email she didn't quite understand what the company wants from us the bloggers, which I only received it in May. I told her to just reply them with an address, they would send the products directly to her for a review. I just got mine in June, I'm using it now and will only revert to them in July if possible. The marketing team is professional enough, that's why I'm still keen to review it for them as recently, I did reject a few reviews as I need to cope with all the outstanding blogs before I can blog more. I asked them to give me some time to complete the projects I have right now esp. for collagen drinks that needed much time and effort to complete it. I have just completed Miracol, going to complete Kinohimitsu Nite Drink and gonna start on Brands Innershine soon. Haha...Rambo teased me I'm a guinea pig on research for collagen products, but I'm happy on that as I'm gonna tell you why real soon so stay tuned. Bye for now!    

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