Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SISLEY Luxurious Facial Treatment Experience

First and foremost, I would like to thank Fennie from Sisley for the luxurious facial experience I enjoyed so much
here in Sisley Parkson Pavilion. I'm very grateful for the beautiful and wonderful facial experience I had that day
and now I know why it's fully-booked from am to pm, Monday to Sunday appointments. It's one of the best
luxurious facial treatment I ever had in my life and it's done here in Malaysia, skillfully-trained by the French. 

Fennie told me she have spoken with the Singapore Management and decided to invite me to try their facial.
To try out the magical facial here, call 1st to book for an appointment at Sisley Parkson Pavilion 03- 21420608
or Metrojaya MV at 03-22879943. Try it to love it, you'll be surprise to discover that 'Seeing is Believing' till
you feel it!
Based on the facial menu listed above, I have decided to pamper myself with 'Lightening and Firming Treatment'
that cost RM300 for 60 minutes facial pampering. I wanted to try the 'Global Anti-Aging Treatment' at 1st, but
according to Sera my face is firm enough I don't need this treatment to see any significant difference on my skin.

The makeup range that I have tried and bought before. I also like the soft, sweet colours they provided here.

The skincare range from Hydration, Anti-Aging Global Care to Whitening range, you name it they have it.
I always love their luxury packaging that speaks of quality and beauty that cares gently and effectively.
The gifts with purchase products that's good enough for travel use. 
The fragrance counter that's full with magical spells+strong scents of Sisley collection. I have the collection too!

I finally chose to go for Brightening effects after having a deep thoughts about it. Sera told me after the facial,
my skin was glowing so brightly and asked me to expect a better result after two days of this facial.
Sera started the luxurious facial by applying relaxing essential oils for me with healthy breathing exercise,
then she started to massage my whole face down to my neck and back body into a deep relaxation mood. I'm
feeling totally relaxed at that moment I wanted more and longer massage for me, but the reality have to kicks
in with the final Whitening Mask enveloping my face and neck before it ends. I love the Sisley whitening
serum, massage cream and moisturiser applied for me on that night as the scents of the essential oils instilled in
the products seems to put me in a trance of beauty wonderland. I felt so relaxed being pampered with all the
divine scents of perfection, I wana fall sleep already. When Sera called me after the facial, I really don't wana
end this enchanted pampering of my life but I need to leave at 9pm already. This facial last me a week long of
healthy radiant glow and hydrated skin as my skin is glowing brightly, really fair white like a Snow White and
smooth too. I wish to visit Sisley for a luxury facial again if I go for a shopping trip there as I love it to the max! 

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