Sunday, June 15, 2014

ORIENTAL Herbal Premium Mask - Wrinkle Care Chaga Mushroom

This Oriental Herbal Mask is part of the goodies given to us in K-Wondrous Beauty
Fair, held at Hyatt Hotel KL. That night itself, I started to use it already after a hot
bath. I think it's worth to pay RM9.90 for this stress-free mask as it brings me good
result, try it out you may like it too.

The tissue mask is staying softly on my dehydrated skin comfortably. 1st time ever,
I kinda like the herbal scent that somewhere, somehow relaxing my body, mind and
soul getting ready to sleep. Not only it moisturise my skin instantly, I can feel that
my skin is smooth till the next morning, I can barely see the stubborn wrinkle any
more after having a good night sleep with sweet dreams. 

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