Friday, August 1, 2014

MIRACOL 9 Count & Win Contest

Come and count the roses carefully. Guess how much the roses are made of and you get to try Miracol 9 today for FREE! Up to 50 prizes to be won. Contest starts from 11 July till 11 Aug. Easy participation with no purchase receipt required. Just follow the below simple steps;
1. Click "like" to CellLabs Facebook
2. Log on to
3. Click into the flash page of "Count and Win" contest which located at HOME.
4. Guess the value of roses in the picture. My guess is RM ______. (Roses are made from RM 1 bank note)
5. Complete a slogan starting with "I love Miracol 9 because______.
6. Email your answer and personal particulars Name, address, contact number, NRIC to
7. Winners will be announced on 18 Aug 2014.

For more information about Miracol - the miracle drink of beauty, you can read it in my past blog at Good Luck!

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