Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation Launches Life Beyond Breast Cancer Symposium 2015

The Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation launched the Life Beyond Breast Cancer Symposium 2015 which will take place from 19 March to 21 March 2015 in Kuala Lumpur. The symposium is also supported by Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM), Rotary Club of Bangsar and Connexion@Nexus will feature presentations by 80 doctors on topics ranging from young women living with breast cancer, pregnancy after cancer, nutrition in surviving cancer, preventing breast cancer recurrence, to genetic risks of the disease.

A series of workshops and sharing sessions by cancer survivors are also part of the three-day, two-night symposium at Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South City Kuala Lumpur. Although I was so lazy and busy for the whole October month, attending many events for this week and I had just came back from Johor on Monday, I still did my very best to give the full support to this Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation event as my blog is mainly focusing on health, beauty and wellness. 

It's so important to create an awareness of this scary Breast Cancer that has been affecting so many women and even men from around the world, till today in this 21st century after 3 decades of time. I'm glad I came and met Puan Sri Maniseh who's a survivor and also a heroine of this Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation, trying her best to help the survivors not to suffer alone, but encouraging the victims to get the group support to go through the healing process together with their families, loved ones and the foundation support. She's nice and a very good leader indeed in contributing her part for this foundation. Bravo to her!   

“Life Beyond Breast Cancer Symposium brings together experts from various fields who can offer crucial information that survivors may not otherwise have access to. Topics covered are significant to give a positive impact on the lives of breast cancer survivors and also their caregivers, doctors and nurses,” said Datuk Dr M Devanand, Founder and Chairman of Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation.

The symposium will be conducted in three languages for the benefit of survivors. The Foundation is offering RM600 for early birds who register between now until 30 November 2014, while the fee for those who register between 1 December 2014 until 31 January 2015 will be RM750.

Datuk Dr M Devanand added, “The foundation is providing 40 percent subsidy for the early birds who wish to join us at the symposium. Our goal is to spread the awareness and exchange knowledge and ideas about breast cancer so that they can become more informed of the disease and help spread the information to those around them.”

For corporate companies especially those in pharmaceuticals or have products and services relevant to breast cancer survival such as supplements/nutrition, healthy foods, exercise, stress management, or beauty products, opportunities are available to open up booths at the symposium. For more information on Life Beyond Breast Cancer Symposium, to register or open booths at the event, log on to  or call 03- 2242 3121.

At the launch, the Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation also introduced the MyPinkHealth mobile application for Apple and Android (via browser), designed to provide the latest news and information about breast cancer as well as highlighting all of the Foundation’s activities. The mobile application is free and there is no fee for registration.

To offer more benefits for breast cancer survivors, the Foundation also introduced a beneficiary card called the “Medal of Pink”, dedicated for all breast cancer survivors in which card holder are entitled for discounted rates at selected retailers and partnering facilities such as LifeCare Diagnostics Medical Centre, Pharmacie, Natucos MediSpa, Celebrity Beaute, Worthy Media Sdn Bhd, GTF Retail Sdn Bhd, SkinSense Sdn Bhd and Peekaboo Sdn Bhd. There will be a one-time administrative fee of RM10 and renewal is not necessary.

“The Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation encourages breast cancer survivors to take advantage of the symposium and the activities organised that bring together other survivors. Support and creating a network are all steps in the right direction to ensure a more fulfilling life after breast cancer,” said Datuk Dr M Devanand.

About Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation
Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation (LAF 00046) was registered on 28 Feb 2012 as a Labuan Charitable Foundation under the Labuan Foundations Act 2010. Pink Ribbon wellness Foundation envisions fighting breast cancer by empowering all women with sufficient knowledge and education on breast health care and preventive measures, regular breast screening for early detection of cancer, various treatment options and the available supportive care Towards A Better Life. For more information, visit    


  1. Hi, i joined pink ribbon charity run few week ago, good events....
    Any connection with pink ribbon wellness foundation ?

  2. Michelle, you can click to the link above for all the details you need to know. If you're still lost with it, you can message me here again. Stay healthy and happy always!