Monday, October 6, 2014

Eversoft Skinz UV-White Get Together

Bloggers unite during the EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White Get Together event on 20th of September which was held in Rondaevoo, AtivoPlazeto introduce the EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White range in a more intimate and personal setting. I told Yusoff and Mei Sze already I couldn't make it that morning as I was fully booked for 3 beauty events in 3 different locations of North and East side already, now adding this event I need to travel to the West area then. Lucky it's not North, East, South, West from KL to PJ, life is meant to live happily not stressfully.   

Haha...but somewhere somehow I pushed myself really hard to make it for this event because first and foremost, I love EversoftSkinz skincare products that I have finished using the serum and one of the best cleansing oil in my beauty history. This is the 1st time record ever as I usually prefer to use the Cleansing Milk for makeup cleansing as I have dehydrated skin. Not only it smells so heavenly divine for me but it's also effortlessly effective for me, saving so much of my time with deep cleansing and having smooth skin after pampering with it. 

Event emcee, Mei Sze kicked off the event with some welcome remarks before handing off the stage to Alexiss Ng, the Product Manager for EVERSOFT SKINZ. Alexiss then introduced EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White range of products and continued by talking about the 3 key benefits of the product: Radiant Fairness, Spots Lightening and Active Skin Repair.

Emcee Mei Sze then took over the stage and proceeded with the demonstration on the right techniques of applying the 5-steps regime of the UV-White products Step 1: Cleanse, Step 2: Tone, Step 3: Whiten, Step 4: Moisturise, Step 5: Protect.

Renowned Image Consultant, Josephine Lui then demonstrated and highlighted on the importance of the 5th step – Protect with EVERSOFT SKINZ’s ‘Star Product’ the PERFECT WHITE BB Cream SPF 30 PA++. 

Ms.Lui then proceeded to speak and share with the audience on some tips on how to choose the right color that compliments the skin complexion and get the best out of your confidence. She highlighted on how we can improve with our self-image by manipulating the colours that we wear every day to bring out the best in your confidence.

Then all the bloggers began to partake in the activity by applying the products themselves. This gave an opportunity for the bloggers to experience themselves on the miracles of the UV-White range. I'm glad I came to the event as I was having so much fun chatting, eating and learning with friends, not forgetting having a new set of 10 Eversoft Skinz Whitening skincare products to pamper myself which I have started using it already in China. I like the new Whitening Mask to the BB Cream, protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays. That's life!  

The event then moved towards the pampering session where the bloggers were treated with a make-up session to complement and apply some of Josephine’s tips that was raised earlier. The guest was also pampered with hand massage and manicure to further indulge their leisure needs.

This gave the chance for the bloggers and personalities to interact with one another while getting to know more about the product in a relaxing and soothing environment. To get up close with Eversoft Skinz, check out

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