Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Beauty Of Wisdom

Last Saturday, LeAnne kissed me passionately with her pouty lip-looking on my cheek and I kissed her back lovingly when we met as we really missed seeing each other terribly. When she knew that I've reached KL, back to Malaysia she already wazzapp me with a video she have created having 4 of us together on it. So melt by her, at least to 'melepaskan rindu sesama kita' where she told me it's her favourite video having 4 of us the BFFs together - Ying Shan, Lynette, LeAnne and me. "Tq, same here! I replied her excitedly. She asked me about my China holiday that I quickly shared the China video watching together with her, and she told me how she hope to be part of my nice adventure in ZhangJiaJie after watching the wonderful Avatar-inspired beautiful sceneries. 

I told her she is energetic and athletic enough to trail the ZhangJiaJie trip with me, but her mom will not join and she can't make it through this kinda hard trip as she can't even take the long hours journey up there, what to say with the later more harder routes trailing the whole journey up there. It's really challenging, exhilarating and exciting as well, esp. when LeAnne saw this glass plank trail we've boldly trailed along the TianMen Shan journey."So fun", she shouted out loud. I told her to hold herself back strongly, giving her few more years to a teenage girl then we can travel to China again for more adventurous trips together. I have total faith in her, that's for sure!

Later that night after having our usual family dinner, we celebrate Lynette's 7th birthday before I left back home sweet home for my healthy sleep. I told her I still remember the days I 'dodoi' her when she was a baby, but today she's 7 years old liao. Haha...she smiles manjaly listening to my old folk stories about her. She never wana let me go home early all the time as everytime I said I wana go home she asked me not to leave so early, but sometimes I tried explaining to her I woke up too early in the morning for all the events that got me exhausted till no more energy left like the total flat battery only she would let me go. She's just like LeAnne and Ying Shan, when they're both little that time. Now, they're growing up so soon that they're able to stand independently playing together and joining our adult chats together.

She always asked me many things she didn't understand like the Cantonese meanings, English words that she never heard before and hilarious event like, "Why Popo looks so ugly?" when my mom puts on her face mask that looks kinda scary to her where she hugged me tightly. Haha...I explained to her it's just the facial mask that she pampered herself with every week, meant to beautify herself with anti-aging, whitening or hydration purpose, only then she stopped staring at my mom. Time really flies so fast like the Shanghai Bullet Train which can travel more than 400kms per hour, much more faster than the Japanese Shinkansen as the Chinese have always striving to live much forward life than any other countries in the world now. 

That's why everything in this world esp.the economy revolves and involves about China, even the Feng Shui masters always raised out the point of looking at the east side in China 1st, 'Heong Tung Fong Hang Sin' before he can elaborate more fengshui tips for other countries like Singapore and Taiwan. Back to KL, Jamie also shared with me the business world of Jack Ma in Chinese because we talked much about business world at Hongkong airport while we're waiting for our Cathay Pacific flight back to KL. Rambo told me he beh tahan us as he's been calling us to the check-in but we never stopped talking as we're too 'Tau Yap', too focused liao in business sharing about her direct sales business. She used to earn a lot more before but then now, the marketing side kept changing their marketing structures/strategies that led them to suffer lower income which dropped down drastically in almost half of it, and many of the top producers left the company too. 

I really don't understand and kept raising many queries to her that why on earth the management need to restructure the whole plan when they can perform so well, bringing much more profits for the company, the more bonus money they can earn for every parties. Like she told me, not everyone is smart and kind like me who can be happy for the successful people that I told her, "No lah, we learn from each other that's for sure". In fact, many people tend to get green-eyes and very jealous of their amazing achievements that they tend to create many problems for them to succeed in life. Just like 'Ma Yun' the international world most famous business tycoon now, who's been featured in Forbes magazine and famously known as the Alibaba founder, shared his business ideas and earning profits fairly with all the smart investors, raking 248 billion profits in 2013 itself.Generosity will eventually led you earns more with better, greater opportunities come rolling abundantly into your bank accounts, as simple as that!

Jamie then said, "That's why I love sharing things with you as you're so smart I get to learn so much more from you, even my hubby said you're very brilliant and smart.""Paiseh, don't say like that. I learnt it from CCTV news and after having much chats with Rambo then I knew much about this China's Richest Billionaire before I fell asleep that night. That's how I learn and I'm happy to share the great success of this people with you. Inadvertently, I got inspired and motivated by these successful people that I'm striving to do my best too. Never stop learning from them," I humbly replied. At the same time, I advised her not to stress herself too much in achieving her golden dreams everyday by remembering to chant and pray to 'Amituofo', cultivating good deeds like she always did to help the unfortunates and stay happy and healthy always. It's important to go 'Ganbatte' everyday with positive goals and glory in life, but at the same time she must take good care of her health 1st above everything in the world. 

I have always raised the important points to my family over and over again esp. after I've attended those health talks/events, stress is the culprit of many illness and sickness that happened to many whereby it can easily attack the body system instantly. Not only it can affects your overall wellbeing and weaken your healthy body immediately, it also managed to torn you down physically, financially and mentally tortured for long, esp. if you're not strong enough. She knew much about those health benefits I've shared with her too as it's also part of her job in sharing healthcare awareness through her RM800,000 group business in Malaysia, that's why she also bought the miraculous Chinese health supplements from China which I would share in my next blog so stay tuned for it. I need to complete all my tasks before I can share more great health benefits with all of you, sayonara for now!

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