Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eversoft Skinz UV White BB Cream SPF 30PA++

Lucky I brought this BB Cream SPF 30PA++ along to Hunan province, China for my
Autumn holiday as the weather there is super duper hot. It can be cooling when we
went in the forest area, high up the mountain, cliffs and hills, yet the sun is still able
to shine like nobody's business. I got tanned too somewhere, somehow along the
7 days journey to ZhangJiaJie, lucky not tanned like the bamboo charcoal colour. 

Just one pump of it is sufficient to cover my whole face and neck application. It's light, fast to absorb into my
skin without having to massage it for long and I like the fact that it's not sticky, leaving my skin smooth and
protected too. The colour just blend perfectly fine for me as it looks natural, not too fair or tanned at all which
is a plus point for me to keep using it. And I like the pump-packaging that works wonderfully convenient for
 me, real easy. To get up close with EversoftSkinz, check them out at

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