Thursday, October 23, 2014

Avene Trixera Launch and Atopic Eczema Workshop

Glad to make it to the Avene Trixera new product launch in conjunction of the
Eczema sharing with many sufferers+kids by the skin specialist. You can read
about Eczema at or

Avene latest Tolerance Extreme range of products is uniquely safe for the
most sensitive skin of all. Even for normal skin like mine, I tend to have some
sensitive skin attack at times of the year due to food, free radicals and pollution. 

When Lisa asked me what I think about the workshop sharing by the specialist, I told her I was so glad to be able
to make it that afternoon as every time I attended the Avene workshops, I get to learn something new about skin,
new treatments with the latest technology that the skin specialist have discovered over the years. Totally worth
my time supporting Avene for years and I'm grateful than ever to be able to share this great infos with everyone.
If applying products can help to heal, protect and minimise the itchiness esp. among the kids who need to be
educated from time to time on taking care of their problematic skin, then by all means use it generously and
properly on a daily basis to help curb the skin problem. 

Teach and guide them the proper ways to apply it after taking a clean bath, gently and diligently. This video
is entertaining and educating enough to encourage the affected kids with skin problems to take it one step at
a time on how to apply the soothing cream step by step. In the mean time, you can watch this video as well;
After attending this workshop, somewhere somehow I'm educated enough to understand and
learnt that by practising the right ways of taking good care of our hygiene and using the right
products can keep our skin healthy, soothing and moisturizing in time to come. 

Avene skincare and bodycare have obviously kept my skin soothing and moisturizing enough
when I was in China polluted, hot humid weather . Lucky I brought the Avene Thermal Spring
Water spray to protect my skin from the hot burning sun that prevented me from itching and
damaging my skin to worst case scenarios. At the end of the week, everyone got tanned for sure.

The promotional booth set-up by the Guardian at Cititel Hotel with Avene products in line to grab for our
daily care. To get up close with Avene brand, check them out at


  1. I love Avene product! Lucky u get to join the interesting workshop :D

    1. Great, you can join the workshop too. Check it out next year in 2015!