Sunday, October 19, 2014

C'est La Vie, That's Life!

In Hunan, China I met this old Aunty aged 82 years old who loves to share her life stories with me since Day 2. On the 1st day of my Autumn holiday, she looks kinda arrogant and I usually mind my own business so I only mixed around with Rambo, Jamie and Kiki. On the 2nd fateful afternoon during our long walk around the beautiful Feng Huang city, her husband almost fell down from a stair, and such a coincidence I was walking behind him I managed to hold his right hand to stop that accident from happening. After that incident, she was very grateful to me that she kept thanking me so many times but I replied her, "Welcome, don't mention it." 

The next morning I waited inside the coach as both Rambo and I were usually the punctual ones or the 1st one to wait for the daily tour at 7.50am, she came to my seat 2 rows behind her seat and started to chat with me. I really salute her for being so brave and strong at the age of 82 yet she's able to communicate really well in English and daring enough to tour the adventurous China trip with us. I asked about her secret in keeping herself strong, long life at 82 years old so she shared many of her real life stories with me, and at the same time she keeps on praising my bravery in helping her husband yesterday and really loving my elegant appearance she advised me to keep on staying pretty always. 

Haha...I only managed to smile and stay humble about it. Deep in my heart, I'm happy to help what I can and I believe that it's always my pleasure and privilege to help the needy ones. I feel good to be true, truly living up my days with happiness and 'Mou Yau Mou Lui' that kinda living. That's why I told Rambo everyday I can sleeps peacefully and blissfully easy by 12 midnight the Cinderella's time, as I knew I have did my very best to be a person I'm happy to be and living the philosophy of 'Men Sem Mou Kuai' (ask my heart, it's guilt-free). It's so important I can totally rest and relax my soul for a good night 8 hours sleep, looking forward for a better tomorrow.

Rambo's Bro Chai have just send me a picture of a pretty lady who had undergone 20 surgeries to make her beautiful as today, he told me she looks like me. Haha...our family group chat was full of comments talking about beauty, sufferings and I concluded to the fact as the final summary by telling all of them, "To look naturally beautiful, you need to stay truly happy from deep within, only the real beauty radiates from inside out. You can feel the vibes, the positive outlook and the true happiness from that person. And it's good if you are able to stay more time with this kinda good people, good vibes to attract more good fortunes into your life. It's the law of attraction, as simple as that!" 

Carrie T really made a great effort for our dolly old flame gathering together at my favourite hang out place, The Gardens Club. It's private for members only that's complete for me with many drinks choices to choose from and the kind of machine drinks where I can just clicked 'Teh Tarik', White Coffee, Mocha, Honey Green Tea and even cold/hot water to enjoy for hours chatting with her. She also presented me a surprising box of lovely Sweet Mochi gift for me. I told her please do not buy me gifts anymore in future although I really enjoy munching on food all the time. I have reserved a cutie limited edition Sakura Green Tea KitKat for her family of 3 from Hokkaido, Japan but I would never expect her to give me back something in return. But I knew she's a very nice lady who enjoys life just like me, and we feel very happy just by meeting each other and shared our life stories together.

She always said that she have never met someone who can be so compatible with her in terms of dressing up as dolls, advising her beauty skincare that she would consult with me 1st before she's buying the SK-II and having to stay very connected close to me because I'm truly happy for her. Yea, I told her bestie once and many others not everyone can be happy for your happiness as these losers tend to create many rumours and never stop condemning you to tarnish your reputation. But I always told them, for them to say and do those bad karmas, they will not be happy in their lives either, no peace lives within them and they will suffer for their own bad karmas, that day will come eventually.

Life is fair, what goes around comes around. Nobody actually owes you your life, you need to be answerable and accountable for what kinda life that you want for yourself. If your life sucks then you need to strive harder, do something about it to improve your living and not to step on other people's shoes/tails, I bluntly told off those losers sometimes because that's what they need to know if they're not intelligent enough to listen and learn. Even my dear Charmers are better listeners and learners at their age of 7, 11 and 12. There comes a time when you need to be strict and draw a line to deal with the losers because they don't deserve to be respected at all. You really need to cut off the strings as quickly as possible and stay far away from the losers. 

Life was meant to live blissfully, peacefully and happily ever after. Everyday is a blessing for your to start up your day by doing good, saying good things and have a good thoughts with the good people. Last Saturday when Rambo was taking pictures for me at Tzu Chi Buddhist Temple, there was this kind woman in monk robe approached us talking to us and invited us to come again next day earlier so we can visit the temple. Rambo paid his utmost respect to her by wishing her "Amituofo', humbly with both hands clasping together and closed to his heart. We went in to the cafe, it smells so good with fresh-brewed coffee aroma, serene ambience with a nice photo of my idol Venerable Master Cheng Yen on the divider, immediately soothing my heart and soul to total relaxation in here that I told Rambo we should come here more often to absorb the good vibes and fulfilled ourselves with the good energy from here. 

I met many good people here in this temple who talked and shared good things with me here, I felt really welcome and kinda belongs here in this Tzu Chi Buddhist Temple. Since Kim is in Ipoh now, I make my own effort to be here hoping to make a big difference for Tzu Chi Buddhist Temple all by myself. I don't like to waste my time waiting, I do things fast and I have another bestie PA who's a committee member who invited me for their activities from time to time. Even if I can't join their activities very often, I told Rambo we can always help them by donating money for their organisation to carry on their good will and good deeds. That's life, to be able to live a happy life 1st you need to do good deeds before you can enjoy a good life. 

Last Sunday my bestie EK and I both feeling really happy to unite together for good health event that we've attended for many years already. She told me that the man who talked to me during one of the health screening was actually a big boss in one of the top plastic manufacturing company and I told her, "You see, not only 2 of us are not willing to pay the RM10 cholesterol check done by this KPJ Hospital, he's a big boss who also runs away from there." Haha...I honestly told Rambo Lim and EK LIm, both of the Lims who go through the health checkup with me together that irrelevant of the numbers you have set for the day, we're here for a free checkup and not supposed to pay anything for the services you offered here. It's not that we cannot afford to pay the RM10 for the check up, it's just not right that they both agreed with me.

During the health checkups, EK saw my result of having 5.7 blood glucose after having my lunch and a normal heartbeat of 80 where EK and the health specialist also told me I have a good health record, only that I'm having low blood pressure of 109 compared to EK who's 159 and she needs to take regular medication to balance her blood pressure just like Rambo. Deep inside of me, I was thinking all this record 'biar betul' as I should be having a higher blood pressure than them as I have a fiery or fiercer character than both of them. I know I'm a calm person by nature, but when someone steps on my dragon tail I really shoot them 'Kao Kao' until bo life one. That's why I said, before you step on others, control your emotion 1st before you blurt out those hurtful remarks about others or you're gonna regret for the rest of your life with the bad consequences in future. 

The Health In The City event has taught me a lot, updated me with many new, latest health infos and knowledge, plus really having a good time with good friends full of unstoppable laughters sharing all about health. This time I told them about my amazing Ebene socks, my new Cellular Functional Water that they asked me where to buy it and China escapade that they enjoyed listening all the time about my China updated stories. Haha...C'est La Vie, everyday we're sharing good things about health, beauty and wellness with friends who are in their 30'-60's who totally agreed with me that health is the ultimate wealth. They also think it's totally worth to spend the RM5699 for good water hydration boost needed in our body and to live a simple life happily ever after without any illness/sickness come knocking into our lives at all. You can't buy a peace of mind but you can take a positive action to achieve it!

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