Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn In My Heart 2014

Jamie is my new bestie who gets very attached to me during my Hunan, China trip this Autumn holiday in 2014, from having our morning breakfast together to dinner also we wana stayed close with each other like the little twin stars. She's humble, nice, kind and someone whom I can stayed close with because she's a very pure-minded person who's also into Buddhism like me. We always like to add on Buddhism values into our girlie talk, from am to pm we never stopped talking and laughing all day long. When she told Kiki she's very fortunate to meet me in this China trip, I replied her the same that it's also my 'Fuk Hei'(fortune) to be able to know her and be close with her as well.  

We really cherished each other like sisters and besties forever. She knew I love indulging myself with fine premium tea, she brought along her 'Gui Fa Cha' (Osmanthus Flower Tea) for me to enjoy as I totally rejected the local tea they served to us there. No quality at all, even at those famous big restaurants in a VIP room. I also shared my favourite Japanese Green Tea with her as we both love to sharing good things together and taking good care of each other during the China tour. Actually, I have planned to go ZhangJiaJie this coming Deepavali holiday in October month, but I don't know why I would end up going along with them this time, God must have planned this fortunate event to happen for both of us. 

I believe destiny has been destined, planned ahead for us in the journey of lives, but to remain close and great together takes a lot of courage, determination and enthusiasm to stay good forever in our lives. Rambo saw me replying her wazzapp that Monday, he really beh tahan us liao as he knew everywhere we go, everything we ventured into we stayed very attached together like the 'Ma Gung Jai' (twin dolls). Yea, the day I reached KL and left the KLIA we already 'Bu Se De' (The Chinese used to say 'Se Bu De' as in keberatan) each other and she said, "Bao Bao Yi Xia" (hugging) as the last sign of saying goodbye before we get separated from each other of this twin bonding. We hugged each other tightly with full sincerity that we truly love each other as best friends forever, and knowing that we're going to miss each other real soon.

When I reached home after taking a hot bath and preparing to sleep, she wazzapp me updating me, "Hi Leng Lui, I'm back home. "Paiseh, don't call me that" I told her before we bid good night to each other. The next day, she wazzapp me again asking about my latest updates of my life and so we keep on updating each other everyday now like 'Isi dan kuku'. In China, I'm always the 1st one who locked myself in the hotel room, quickly took a hot bath and sleeps at 10.30 pm to recharge myself for a full-battery charging of 8 hours beauty sleep. I can't stay late chatting with her as I told her I need to have full energy level to be able to climb up the high hills, trailing the super duper high mountain and forcing myself to climb up the hundreds steps of stairs with Rambo to Heaven Mountain in FengHuang. 

But since we can pray to Buddha at the foot of the 'Tian Men Shan', I was really not in the mood to climb up the 999 steep stairs to reach up to the top as to conserve my energy for the whole week ZhangJiaJie trail, so I stopped at the middle of the heavenly mountain hundreds steps of  stairs where the best shot of pictures can be taken at the waterfall scenery will do. Haha...can die of exhaustion climbing up the hills in ZhangJiaJie tour for the whole week actually if we have not prepared ourselves really-ready for this trip with 2 weeks swimming earlier on. Rambo was having a better stamina in this trip as he went for his hourly swimming session everyday after work. That's why exercise is very important to practise daily in our lives, in order to keep our energy momentum going stronger than ever. 

And it's totally worth it to have endure so much pain (leg muscle), sweats, energy with our high-spirited perseverance to be able to hike up the ZhangJiaJie high mountains this time viewing one of the many beautiful sceneries in China, highly acclaimed made-famous by the Avatar movie. Fantastic and fascinating, a real indescriable beauty that I would strongly recommend for those who loves hiking and photography to go and view it yourself. Pictures can tell you a thousand words, but to be able to travel there and view it yourself only I would say you're really witnessing the real beauty up here in ZhangJiaJie. The 2nd day in FengHuang ancient city here we're all already 'Jie Sai', coming to half dead tired already and thinking how to survive the whole week ahead of us? It's through positive thinking with a strong mental strength, deep motivation and determination only we can go through this amazing 7 days journey. 

I have never experienced such a hard long journey like this before, from sitting 8 hours trip to the extent of the Chinese used to say 'Si Fat Hoi Fa' (buttock can grow/blooming flowers) all along the bumpy roads of the winding journey to reach a place, besides the climbing many hundreds or thousands of stairs just to see the wonderful, beautiful sceneries. Such a hard, long journey that gave us all tour members replying a big 'No' to ZhangJiaJie tour anymore. My Jiuzhaigou holiday took me about 12 hours coach ride up there but still it's bearable you see, and I don't mind to travel there again if I ever wish to in future. My Beijing tour, The Great Wall of China trip was wonderful too and I can stop hiking high up there by resting at any fort of stop if I'm satisfied enough with the views, so it's still fine for me. 

But this ZhangJiaJie Die Hard Tour, the tour guide already warned us again and again many many times "Wo Men Bu Zou Hui Tou Lu", where we can only go straight to the end of the journey with no return and if you can't take the hardship of climbing the many hundreds, thousands of stairs with slippery and uneven routes of journey it's better not to follow him but to wait for us at one corner till we have finished the whole travel journey. That's why the old aunties from 60-80's usually sat at the tea shop sipping tea waiting for us about 2-4 hours of the long hard journey. Sam, my Monkey ally in this trip said that all of them back in Malaysia never into doing any exercise at all but to pay the thousands of dollars to 'Sau Fu'(going through hardship) here in China. 

Haha...I laugh out loud, kinda true in what she have shared with us along this journey but I'm also grateful that I have decided to trail and witness the true beauty of Avatar impeccable sceneries. Looking back at all the pictures in my Hunan trip now reminded me so much that I have travelled to one of the most beautiful place on earth I have always longing to go. Just like the status I've shared on my Facebook that said, "Before going to ZhangJiaJie is 'Xiang Si Ren', but after back from there is 'Lei Si Ren' (tired to death) which proven to be so true and accurate for me. Haha...that's life, life is beautiful when I'm grateful. Most important thing is I'm living truly happy, healthy and pretty with my understanding hubby, my family and living up my days with grace and glory.

And I'm so thankful to God that I'm back home sweet home safely, graciously without any illness or sickness, I'm able to pray to Buddha, 'Amituofo' and 'Guan Yin' in Hunan, China and last but not least, been hooked with another lovely bestie added into my beautiful life. Jamie 'Pat Duin' thanking both Rambo and I because we helped her to carry her many heavy stuffs she just bought from the Hunan trip(she's only allowed to carry one bag through immigration) by saying 'Gan En' to us so many times, and I sang her one of my favourite song that replied ~Gan En De Xin, Gan Xie You Ni~ because we both felt really melt appreciating each other very much in this healthy bestie relationship. C'est la vie, happiness comes from within and beauty radiates from true happiness that naturally comes from within!   

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