Monday, October 13, 2014

Boujois 3D Lipgloss

Upon reaching the Hongkong International Airport, I slot 5 minutes to apply the Boujois 3D Lipgloss that I've
won from Instagram contest. I only gloss it over in a single swipe through my dry lip swiftly like a makeup
artist. I'm actually very lazy to apply makeups everyday and I prefer to practise au natural beauty, but once
in awhile as a lady, I love exploring nice makeup collection that I loved for the love of art in makeup beauty.

Haha...I like the smooth texture that instantly stays shining my lip to healthy-looking lip. The utmost reason
why I would bring it along in my China trip, kept inside this petite Coach handbag is because I love the nice,
crystal clear lipgloss packaging that managed to attracts me so much in using it everyday. I love admiring,
pretty ladies, pretty packaging and pretty, lovely things everyday that's for sure. Haha...that's life, c'est la vie!

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