Friday, October 17, 2014

Keep skin healthy and moisturised with new improved Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash

Malaysia’s leading germ protection brand, Dettol, introduced new improved Dettol Body Wash range with pH-balanced formulation in a media launch at Connexion @ Nexus, Bangsar South. The media launch was attended by Dr. Steven Chow, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, celebrity mum Scha Alyahya and corporate partners. With the launch of new Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash, Malaysian families can now be 100% sure of protection from germs and bacteria while maintaining healthy, moisturised skin.

Scha Alyahya juggles a busy career as an actress and a full-time-mother. “Dettol has changed my perception towards anti-bacterial body washes. Women today especially active moms like me are constantly exposed to environmental factors such as pollution, dirt and germs. As an actress, beautiful skin is very important for me, but I never thought about the challenges that my skin goes through every day and how these can make my skin unhealthy. With Dettol’s new pH-Balanced Body Wash, I can ensure that my skin is protected from germs while maintaining moisturised and beautiful skin.”

In hot and humid climate in Malaysia, we constantly expose our skin to external elements and the threat of germs and dryness. Environmental factors such as pollution,change in temperature, diet and even harsh household products can strip away the essential lipids on the skin’s outer layer. When these natural oils, which act as a protective barrier, become compromised, it makes us susceptible to germs and potentially-harmful pathogens.

Dettol, Malaysia’s #1 Germ Protection Brand**, understands the importance of caring for your skin while keeping it well-protected. Trusted by families and medical professionals for generations, Dettol aims to build healthier lives and happier homes by providing the best protection against germs and bacteria. 

With a newly-improved formulation, Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash is the ideal body wash for every Malaysian family. Dettol’s signature anti-bacterial properties not only protect your skin from germs and bacteria, its improved pH-balanced formula also helps retain skin’s moisture, thus preserving your skin’s natural barrier leaving it healthy and moisturised.

Hina Nagarajan, General Manager of RB Malaysia and Singapore, emphasized that maintaining the health of Malaysian families is Dettol’s mission. “Since 1932, Dettol has been at the forefront to protect the health of our consumers by regularly launching new product innovations and improvements to meet the evolving needs of our consumers. We understand that healthy skin is the starting point of beautiful skin and are pleased to offer the trusted protection of Dettol in a new pH formula so that our consumers can now enjoy germ free, healthy and beautiful skin.”

During the event, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Chow, talked about the importance of maintaining healthy skin in an increasingly harsh environment. He said, “Many of us tend to take our skin for granted. Hygiene is an important factor in ensuring skin health and preventing body odour, especially in a hot tropical country like Malaysia; where pollution and haze are on the rise. Body washes with anti-bacterial properties are helpful in fighting the germs on a daily basis. At the same time,it is important to use products that are compatible to your skin’s natural pH level cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural lipid layer, maintaining the skin’s moisture and ensuring truly healthy skin.”

The pH balance property for Dettol’s new pH-Balanced Body Wash was demonstrated live to the audience with the help of a pH pen. A healthy skin’s pH level lies between 4 and 6, which matches Dettol’s pH-balanced formulation- ensuring the skin’s moisture to remains intact. On the other hand, other body washes and skin products could be acidic pH level (between pH 1 and 3) - causing redness, sensitivity and inflammation,or too alkaline pH level (above pH 8) - causing extreme dryness and premature aging. Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash is available in 6 variants at retail stores nationwide and is suitable for use by the entire family. 

About Dettol
Dettol has been a trusted antiseptic brand since 1932 and is the world's leading brand of antiseptics and a trusted champion of family health. Dettol products offer a high standard of germ kill and are recommended by healthcare professionals for their proven ability to keep families healthy. The brand has stayed contemporary through the launch of new products and offered consumers a breadth of products across categories that can help protect them from germs. These include shower gels, bar soaps, hand sanitizers, liquid hand washes and antibacterial wet wipes.

With 100% protection from germs*, it’s no wonder that Dettol is a trusted brand among mothers to keep her family members protected all day long. *Kills 99.9% of germs, **As of Nielsen MAT Data, Aug 2014.

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