Sunday, October 26, 2014

Life Choices And Consequences

Last Saturday during our family gathering, my sister Defney just found out that my sis May have just bought a new house in Sungai Long that cost RM700, 000. My sister Defney kept throwing her many comments on why on earth would she bought it at RM700K which is way too expensive, in this area of Sungai Long as both my sis and I rejected this jammed+tolls residence area and many other why why why questions pointed straightly to her. She tried so hard to explain to us that both she and her Tiger partner only managed to find this ideal place for their home as behind my mom's place those houses already cost RM500, 000 and more, she wanted a new and nicer house and never really fancy the old ones so they bought it there. But my sis thought she can always get a condo 1st nearby to us, not necessary she needs to buy such an expensive landed property so soon.

Knowing her Tiger character so 'Suk Sik' already, I replied them "Let her be, since it's nearby to mom's place she can take good care of mom. And since she bought it liao, May you cannot go travel so often anymore as you need to pay heavy bank loans from now on." I sang a song to her that's meaningful enough for her to understand the reality world of her own actions on this ~Ham Yu Pak Choy Ya Hou Hou Mei~ Haha...she laugh out loud and replied me, "Yea, I know no more travels and now 'Ham Yu'(pickled fish) is also not cheap, cost about RM15 for a small fish only. My sister Defney and my mom just kept quiet about it after I said that, enough been said as 'Sik Dak Ham Yu Jau Dai Dak Hot' that simply means you need to bear the consequences of taking the pickled fish that can make you thirsty like hell after enjoying the dish you've chosen to eat.  

My sister May then shared with us that most of her doctor friends also cannot afford to buy any new houses and can only buy condo for the time being. Sometimes I don't wana say or comment much as I knew their characters too well, even if they consult to us earlier before they bought it also no point as if you never give them the chance to try, they will never know and they seldom listened to anyone also esp.the Tigers. Just like Rambo's best buddies who are all Tigers, including Rambo they're all full of their own thoughts, own decisions and full of their own actions that never really into discussing matters with their partners. Only when things go wrong that ended up in divorce, difficulty only they have no choice but to learn to move on with lives. 

That's why no matter how busy I was, KH still managed to invite me sincerely to his 3 storey Bungalow in Cheras to give him some ideas on how to decorate his place to a nicer place. I advised him to make full use of his bathroom big space to build a Jacuzzi for total enjoyment, and better not to put the study desk in his bedroom. That's what friends are for, we support and uplifted each other in every aspect of our lives. He knew I've arrived at his place during CNY, he opened the gate waited for me and showered me with his usual compliment "Wah, so beautiful today!" for the past 20 years friendship that we've bonded along the years. I knew he's a sincere friend so I believe he's showering me a sincere compliment and somehow his sweet character has moulded his son to be acting just like him - Like Father, Like Son character. 

Many years ago, when I saw his son's hands were having allergic reaction with blisters and severe skin attack I sprayed lots of Cellfood water to help him soothe that. His son is very 'guai'(obedient) letting me doing my best to heal him and having good manners thanking me. During my wedding, he also presented me a flower that blasted many happy laughters and many of them asking who he is? I told them he's the son of Rambo's best buddy who's a Piscean, same horoscope with me. I explained to them, Piscean is a romantic soul who's very sensitive and charming enough to charm you for ages. Haha...he's also having quite similar to his father character, 'Hau Tim Shuet Wa'(sweet talk) but I know they're sincere and honest people who's into Buddhism cultivation like us too.

I told my dear Charmers, they can mixed around with him more as he's a good boy and they did sing and play together joyfully that night. In fact, he's been very attached to me taking many family pictures together that Rambo said he's like part of my family members liao. Haha...Yea, after I knew he's a Piscean star boy somewhere somehow I'm happy to get acquainted with this cute boy who never really talk much like me, but more into action-oriented kinda person that I admired very much. KH also updated me from time to time his son's activities through WeChat as we only get to meet each other once a year during the Chinese New Year when all of us would make the great effort for our everlasting friendship to last forever. Haha...that's life, C'est la vie!

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