Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Memorable, Meaningful 39th Birthday 2015

This time I need to say "OMG" just like my dear Charmers who used to describe things or reacting this way when they chance upon cute surprises. Haha...talking about them, Rambo said my eyes would naturally glowing like the bright light up stars high up in the sky. Not only they wished me personally one by one, they also made birthday cards for me and LeAnne actually created a "Happy Birthday" video for me and posted it on Facebook on the day itself. I was feeling totally on top of the world just like the tip of the iceberg happiness, indescriable feeling having 3 of my lovely Charmers to love me just the way I loved them so much.

Dato' Ruby was the 1st one who wished me "Happy Birthday" on my pm box. Then, come tonnes of the other great birthday wishes from all my family and friends who seemed to be thoughtful to me with music, cute cartoons creation and lovely messages. I'm so grateful and thankful to Guan Yin that morning, Amituofo and God for blessing me with great fortunes in life and most importantly is good health actually. I'm already very 'Je Tin Je Dei'(thank heaven, thank earth) for being still alive, lively to enjoy my life beautifully with my loved ones. I need not asked for anything more anymore, so long I'm healthy, incredibly lucky I'm happy enough.

I was so melt by them, got so touched and feeling emotional about it when I watched it everyday over and over again. It brings back those great memories with them in my life since they're babies to grown up girls, really brighten up my days with grace and glory in life. There's no turning back, no regrets but full of happiness to see them grew up pretty and healthy in life today. That's my ultimate dream of all and I'm glad they turned out to be so cute and lovely. Last Saturday, LeAnne asked me again if I like the song in the video for 'Happy Birthday Jacinta Chong', I replied her "Tq LeAnne, I love you so much and yea, I definitely like the song too." 

Haha...They're acting like teenagers nowadays where they always love sharing new songs, life stories and future planning with me. Lynette may not have the art talent in her like Ying Shan but I always reassured her whatever creation she had for me I'll be happy to receive it with my two big arms to hug her and kissed her passionately. Rambo understand now the reasons why I loved them so much where everytime I go shopping, I only bought things for them because I asked Rambo to control my spending on my impulsive shopping where I can't finish wearing my clothes for a year with different dress everyday, but he said 3 years is possible too. 

Till today, I still received birthday wishes from PR, FB and friends where I replied them it was ancient weeks ago jokingly. Haha...this year is really a memorable year and more meaningful to me because everyone I know seemed to touch my heart and soul felicitously, esp. those who really made such great efforts sending me those admirable advises and tips in life. Not forgetting my dear hubby Rambo who 'Pat Lei Pat Hei' stands protective and supportive of me throughout the years. I am who I am today, a happy go lucky lady is all I ask for having Rambo to love me so dearly and lovingly for years liao. He means everything to me, that's for sure!

He brought me for a day spa at Millenium Hotel, shopping for something I fell in love with that's totally worthy of his money and a great finale having a delightful dinner+Strawberries Cheese Cake from the hotel. I feel so happy that I had a total bliss sleeping peacefully that night. The next day reaching home, I missed my own bed so much and feeling totally on top of the world having to reach home sweet home finally. Nothing beats that kinda special feeling staying at own place even if other places seems to attract us with luxury and elegance. Home is like a sacred place to be, simple yet comfortable and complacent to be, 24 hours a day.  

Beauty is a very subjective kinda thing to everyone, be it to the ladies or men. Just like my long time friend Jenny who used to model, she's tall and willing to travel to Korea for plastic surgery to cut here and there from face to body transformation in achieving the total beauty. We used to dress alike with my sis, dressing up the same style and going anywhere together all the time. She wished me Happy Birthday, stay pretty and happy always just like the olden days in Seri Petaling. I'm actually very lazy nowadays to dress up like a dolly I used to be. I have drag this birthday blog for 3 weeks to complete on it as I'm very busy so kinda lazy nowadays.

Haha...I need to buck up a little bit to keep the beauty momentum spirit back to shiny days again because beauty is an endless, timeless thing at any age for women in this world. There's no ugly lady in this world, even my Hyacinth plant in the fridge needs to be praised everyday by saying good, positive words to her then she's back lively again nowadays, before that it was like a dying plant which can't stand the hot Malaysia humidity. After 3 days trying to resuscitate her life back, she has 'kembali mekar seperti bidadari'(fully blossom like an angel) that got both Rambo and I jumping gleefully after witnessing the amazing discovery. That's life! 

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