Tuesday, May 12, 2015

KHIND Anshin Double Boiler Review

My friend Ayang who's also my schoolmate used to ask what's my secret of keeping and looking young, youthful at my age in the 30's when she 1st added me through Facebook 6 years ago. She even asked trying to confirm with me is it true by taking double-boiled soup can help to beautify us naturally and able to stay young forever. Haha...I replied her, besides taking soup everyday can helped us to stay healthy, youthful and beautiful everyday, she still needs to exercise daily and most importantly leads a stress-free lifestyles in her life. 

When Khay invited me to write a review for them, I was thinking I only love dining in my own style but to write for them I gave myself a long thought about it before I decided I really need this double boiler or not. And Rambo told me, "Yes, because you enjoyed taking soup everyday so let's try it to see if it's good or not" and so I replied her, "Sure, let's give it a try" since she's been telling me this is their star product under Khind brand.   

Khind-Mistral (M) Sdn Bhd (KM) is the marketing and distribution arm for Khind Holdings Berhad, a public-listed company on Bursa Malaysia.  KM distributes and markets two leading brands, ‘Khind’ and ‘Mistral’ to consumers in Peninsular Malaysia. Focusing its effort on blue ocean products, KM has become a leading sales and marketing entity within the Khind Group. 

Being a world brand from Malaysia, ‘Khind’ is synonymous with value-for-money home consumer appliances, while ‘Mistral’ has a proud Australian heritage, provides a full range of air moving appliances for the home. Check out http://khindonline.com for more infos or to grab this great double boiler asap. I'm glad to receive this and thankful to Khay for presenting me this multi-purpose double boiler as now, I can prepare yummy and healthy good food as easy as ABC or Do Re Mi.

In fact, I like the overall quality of this double boiler pot to the 4 ceramic pots provided inside for me to prepare my food for steaming and cooking vegetables. This is one of my favourite Abalone Chicken Soup Rambo usually bought for me from Jusco Supermarket at RM10.90. I just put the whole packet of it inside and Voila, the soup turned out to be tasty+healthy to 'Bou' rejuvenate me to good health. My mom always tempting me to visit her on Sunday sometimes telling me she have boiled my favourite soup so that I would come for her yummy food and soup. Haha...I'm definitely the Wai Sik Queen since young and I used to be a 'Fei Mui'(fatty, plumpy girl) but no one can imagine the kinda impression I told them about.

炖 Double Boil is an ancient cooking method to ensure food are being cooked not exceeding 100°C to preserve its nutrients, flavours and texture. Khind Anshin Stainless Steel Double Boiler DB18S comes with 1 + 3 food grade ceramic pots in compliance with Food and Drug Administration of America. It's safe, easy to use that's for sure and it's a perfect double boiler for a lazy and busy lady like me.

Double boiling is an age old cooking technique widely used in the east and west. In the west, it has been widely used to melt cheese, chocolate as well as preparing many heat sensitive cuisines and sauces. In the east, the Chinese usually use it to cook exclusive food delicacies such as bird’s nest, abalone, dietary supplements, herbal remedies and other cuisines which require long hours of simmering. After cutting the ladies finger, I put it all inside with a little salt 'secukup rasa' and I let it cooked to perfection. Not too soft and still retaining the juicy and chewy bite of my favourite vegetable that's helping me to prevent diabetes. 

It is a double-pot cooking device which comprises of a smaller inner pot placed inside a bigger outer boiling pot. There are both covered with a lid and are usually made of ceramic or metal. Food and ingredients are placed in the inner pot while the outer is partially filled with water. When water in the outer pot is heated up by an external source and boils, it then heats up the inner pot and its content, keeping the temperature at 100°C throughout the entire cooking process. This indirect heating method ensures that the content in the inner pot is not overcooked or scorched to retain its original taste and nutrients.

Many may have confused a double boiler for a steamer as both are indirect heating utensils but they are essentially different. Unlike a steamer, the inner pot of a double boiler is covered with a lid and its content does not come into direct contact with any external matter, not even the steam. Hence, the original nutrients and flavour of the ingredients are safely ‘locked’ inside the inner pot and do not run the risk of being carried away by the hot water vapour. Every dishes seemed to turn out yummy and not over-cooked at all.

This new double boiler is supported with a product warranty of 2 years. This warranty package carries an undertaking of unlimited free after sale service as well as parts, and there is no surcharge whatsoever within the warranty period. To further delight its consumers, this product offers free product inspection. It worked out real conveniently for me where I only need to press the 'Fast Cook' button with for 2 hours timer setting and after that I can enjoy the healthy soup already.

The Cantonese, in particular, like to double boil their beloved Cantonese Soups as they believe that it will allow the ingredients to slowly release their nutrients into the soup. They also believe that double boiling can preserve the flavour and nutrients of the ingredients with minimal loss or damages. I'm a typical Cantonese food lover who always look out to indulge yummy+healthy soup since I was young till today. My grandma who has passed away at age 91 used to cook delicious soup for me by getting me a big bowl of it so I can slowly enjoying it to the last drop of it. My 'Tai Ma' great grandma also used to boil many hours of ginger wine soup when she came over to KL, it was one of the best soup I've ever taken in my life. 

This Abalone Chicken Soup is really tasty where it actually managed to preserve the rich herbal taste plus tender chicken meat that's still yummy to eat. I also added some longan inside so it tasted sweet too. Rambo also enjoyed the soup, he totally fell in love with it and always looking forward to double boil yummy soup for me everyday. That's life, to be able to enjoy good food in all my life is one of the greatest fortune in the world I could asked for. That's why I'm so grateful already if I can still eat, enjoying good food galore from all around the world and I'm very fortunate to be born in this homeland called Malaysia where the best food in the world are bound to be found here in my country. Life is good and smooth, that's life!          


  1. wow looks simple and easy to do

    1. Haha...In fact it is, just put it all together and let it cook for awhile and the food is ready to eat. As easy as ABC and Do Re Mi! :)

  2. Nice review. I love my soup too. :D

    1. Thanks, soup is really good for health! :D

  3. May I know do you have water stain issue with your cooker ?

  4. Any water stain issue on the inner wall of the pot?