Monday, May 25, 2015

The Nature Of Integrity Indigenous

Last Saturday after completing the Guardian Beauty In Action makeover with photoshoot at Nu Sentral Mall, I had a light lunch at Outback Steakhouse with beauty bloggers and another Guardian staff guy who's also a beauty blogger. Naturally, we all talked about beauty products, brands and all sort of things related to beauty world. When GI mentioned about CATRICE cosmetics, I told them yes it's very popular in Europe but he said it's from Australia. I told him No, I google on it and showed it to him then he remembered. I've been around Australia many times liao over the years but so far, I only see CATRICE products in Europe during my holiday trips there. It's the Red Earth cosmetic by Esprit brand that has spiralled the whole Australia country and my bestie Jos has never failed to buy the whole range of this cosmetic brand besides the many other brands of cosmetic all along in our Australia trips there.

Then, when it comes to WP who mentioned about this French Bourjois brand that GI 'Teng Dou Yat Tau Mou Shui' because WP didn't know how to pronounce it right so I told her the right pronunciation for this brand is 'Bu jwah'. When GI understand which brand we're talking about he replied "Got, Guardian is carrying this brand in Sunway Pyramid" and I added, "True, it's at Watsons One Utama too." Usually I would correct anyone who said it wrongly or doesn't know how to pronounce it right because I believe by learning in this way, they get to learn on it quick proficiently. Sometimes, I heard them called someone's name wrongly, I quickly informed them so they know about it because some people can be quite sensitive, they got offended when their names been called wrongly, esp. among the corporate sectors, professionals and people with status. For them, they expected a lot from the educated ones to address them correctly, nicely and humbly.

It's been a long time for me since the last time I went for a makeover like the Guardian makeover as I've become so lazy nowadays due to my busy schedules. I didn't have the passion for dress to success or dress to impress myself anymore. Now I understand why some people can so envious and jealous like Rambo and Bro. Chai who used to ring this phrase to me all the time that they're so jealous of me. In fact now, it's my time and turn to be envious and jealous of them for having the time to travel around Malaysia for good food with lovely scenery. Everytime Bro. Chai uploaded those pictures to us recently on our Lim Family Group, I was drooling over the yummy good food galore from Penang, Kuantan, Perak etc. I missed those great simple moments and I was longing for that kinda happy moments to be repeated or happening in the journey of my life. I've been screaming silently deep down inside of me asking for more time instead of having more money in my life.

Just like my Tiger sister May and I used to agree that 'Yau Chien Mou Yim Duo'(never fuss about having more money) because obviously we would welcome more money come rolling deeper and harder into our bank accounts, during one of the conversation we had about Dom who decided to return to Malaysia for good permanently just to be close with my sister in which I also encouraged both of them to work here rather than anywhere else around the world. Yea, although SG Dollar can go higher, but not everything needs to revolve about money. Staying close with great bonding together worth much more than the money value obviously. In time to come, she'll be able to earn that kinda high income also by staying patient, humble and dedicated to her job as a pharmacist. Never forget to render her professional expertise in helping more people everyday, keep doing charity for Kechara and stay focused in her job with the right attitude, everything will fall into places as smoothly as ever. It's as simple as that!

Buddhism teachings will never lead us to the wrong way, unless you've cultivated the Buddhism teachings in your own wrong way of 'Wai Lei'(crooked mind) only. Just like the pictures where Rambo showed to me plus Facebook posted those sick people who wore the monk robes killing people and spread it all over the social media, I told them all they're not Buddhist and they never will be because Buddhism has never taught us to be cruel and brutal like them. They're mentally-ill people who claimed to be Buddhist and making the whole world gone ballistic crazy only. Just ignored them and let Karma take its power to punish them 'Kao Kao' strongly. No need to 'Bei Min'(give face) to me because I really disgusted seeing their cruel inhumanity action with their ill-mannered mentality torturing the weak ones. They're not helping but trying to create havoc and war with the universe only. Let God punish them as soon as possible, never let the devil rules and win us.

Back to my JC 2015 Journal in life, I finally renewed my passport till 2020 and managed to renew my Driving License and NRIC together at the same time last Saturday after the beauty event. I'm so glad this time I can renew the 3 most important IDs in Malaysia at the same time with no long queue but good services provided from the Datuk Keramat Mall branch. Such a big relief, I need not waste any of my precious time and I can start to plan my schedules ahead to go on smoothly now. When I was paying my gratefulness to 'Guan Yin Pu Sa' for my birthday in March with a yearly donation to the temple, I only have innumerable thank you greetings to thank my lovely saviour and protector Guan Yin for giving me a happy life. Rambo on the other hand, he's wishing for more prosperity as usual and I can see that he was granted of his wish to come true for him because he really did good deeds to be able to receive what he's wishing for.

In fact, more and more good things came knocking on our door that's happening so fast that I couldn't believe we can complete the task so easily and speedily recently. They're actually very wealthy already, having lots of money to spend with tonnes of budget for marketing but they're not educated enough or skilful in their field to be able to join the Japanese standard quality assurance. Like I used to say, the Japanese and their companies handling their things in a meticulous way, fussy and strict like a straight line esp. in the business world where you need to comply strictly following their rules and regulations to be able to join them for long term business. As time goes by when Malaysian companies have money, they wanted to upgrade their status liao to a higher level to stay on par with the international standard, joining the best of the best in the business world. That's when they started to ask for Rambo's expertise to lead them, consulting them to change and hoping to join the international arena now. Money can be honey, even Rambo knows how to joke with me these days. He got infected by my 'rhythm infection' where I liked to create those poems that rhymes melodiously, he created "No money, no honey!" that managed to make me laugh out loud so much.  

Money is not an issue to them anymore, like Rambo said when they got money everything is easy for everybody. To me, the way I see him working all nights for the whole week preparing the new system for the company to change is really such a hardwork, having only 4-5 hours sleep which is not sufficient for deep sleep. To him, it's totally worth it because it is what he does best, besides helping others to aim for better success and he's gaining not just money but great skills+experience as a consultant as well. Bravo, I told him that if it really makes him happy with this kinda achievement then I can only stay supportive for him. He really made me so proud of him for knowing how to improvise and improve himself every now and then in his career, without neglecting my needs and still trying his level best to love me as much as he can. He's the best husband I can ever ask for, my bestie and we're forever lovers I cherished much now. I really have nothing much to ask for actually, only a good life ahead of me will do. That's life!  

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