Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Good Old Times Of Memories

My sis Defney was surprised nowadays when I informed them I need to go home before 10 pm because she expect that once a week we can catch up chatting and gossiping about life with one another, but I told them I woke up early that day and it's time I need to double cleanse my face, have a hot bath and getting ready for my beauty sleep. Sometimes, when I was watching my favourite TV drama series like 24 also I can go dozing off naturally, unintentionally. Before this, I won't as I was young back then I could watch it till finished, but then as time goes by with my age catching up now coming to reach my 40's, naturally I will fall asleep easily like a baby. Even Rambo mentioned that to me recently, he came to check on me in case I need any supper or yoghurt juice and to make sure I have everything in place while enjoying my TV moments, he saw me falling asleep liao even at odd hours before 12 midnight. No more Cinderella story, but a baby story now.

Haha...Yea, I admit to all of them I'm getting old liao now as I have very limited energy levels just like my old iP4 battery. Totally gone flat esp. when I woke up too early attending all the events, updating my business accounts on a daily basis and enjoying my hobby watching TV at night time. When my good friend Cass sent me a wazzapp wishing me 'Happy Mother's Day' again this year, I replied her the same and arranging our next gathering with her. Cass and I are both Fire Dragons, so it's fair we both speak almost the same tone, same thinking or character like sisters since we're 11 years old. We clicked well and we're honest+truthful to each other because we have nothing to hide from one another. Although Alicia and Cass met quite often but they're not close to each other because somewhere, somehow they have no common subject matter to talk about except parenting subject only, and I'll call both to join me when I do come over.

Actually Alicia went to the same secondary school with me, and she sat next to me in Standard 5. But she doesn't like SMPB school so she asked her mom to change PESS Pudu Girls' school for her and asked me to come along with her+asking her mom to help me change also so we can attend the same school together. I told her no need esp.after meeting many of my previous primary school classmates and making new friends here, so she went alone to PESS. We still remained as friends and met each other along the 5 years secondary school days, same goes with Cass and I when she came to visit her friend who stayed next to me at 3 storey house. After completing our SPM, fate has binding us closer than ever and we then kept our friendship close like Isi Dan Kuku because like I said we're so close, Cass is never shy to push my start button calling me to meet up even when I was too busy to keep in touch. She never failed to call me and we usually will meet up for good just to catch up our missing moments over the days, months and years. 

Life is so ironic sometimes, in a turn chain of events Alicia's hubby VL who's also keen to join our threesome yumcha gathering because he's playing a part as our schoolmate in SKBBSP, always asking me to organise school reunion and pushing me to be the President of our group. I told him no time to do all this. And given the current status of his successful position today with so many celebrities+contacts, I'm sure he will join them to be a Datuk one day, I asked him to create the group instead. I even teased him "Where's your Mung Zhung Ching Yan?"(crush lover) and he was smiling blushingly wanted to burst into big laughter liao by asking me "Did you keep in touch with her?" Haha..."No, but I really hope you do so we can meet up Azlyn again." We are long time friends who are still keeping in touch with each other through Facebook and in fact, VL always called me up to visit his cafe+music shop but I was too busy nowadays. 

If it's not because he added me through FB, Brian wouldn't have manage to add me through VL as I'm not the kinda girl who's into adding anyone through FB. He's kepoh in joining our conversation that day and teasing Ray as they're old time buddies and they used to be close staying just opposite each other during school days. One afternoon I saw both of them were playing Badminton together after my Pom Pom Cheerleading practise, I asked them about it and found out that. In SKBBSP when all of us joined the Badminton Club, both Brian and I were voted as the President so we were called to wait outside until they've reached the final result for the selection. Only that few minutes moment I got to know Brian a bit more as I seldom talk to him at school and when we're called in we saw our names on Papan Hijau (Green Board) stating Jacinta - President, Brian -Vice President and VL - Committee. Everyone clapped for us including the teachers who were very active in handling our sports club activities. Brian, the male dragon(dominant than the female dragon) had no choice but to accept the final result because it was based on votes, no hanky panky involved in it and I gladly accepted the leader position with grace and glory by thanking everyone for the great support.

It's fun when sometimes I posted those old pictures on Facebook reflecting back our old memories back in school, it's a small small world esp. when they saw it they added me and we finally became friends on Facebook. In actual of fact, I knew their brothers and sisters and they all knew me as well. It became a hit sensation among us who are able to connect with each other again. Just like Mishall my brother's classmate since Standard 1, I used to guard their class before and I usually read the school ikrar 'Maka kami, rakyat Malaysia, Berikrar...' followed by all of them in school, she never failed to send me 'Merry X'mas and Happy Chinese New Year' cards since she's in Standard 1 for many years through my brother who study in the same school with her till Form 5. Haha...Today, she's still wishing me 'Happy Birthday' through FB. Life is really great to have good family and friends we have known for years to keep spiralling and surrounding us up till today. More to blog about Azlyn and my friends once I have the time to reminisce and share about it here, I bet the stories are still cute to share about!

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