Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ReissJaden Ginger Wine

Datin Reiss is a lovely beauty queen I got acquaintance with during the grand launch of 'The Kids Gallery' at One City Mall. Honestly, I feel like 'Fong Fei Gei' that day to attend this media launch because I'm not into blogging for parenting subject matter but this PR agency is always sincere and dedicated lot so I finally went for it to render my sincere support to them. I'm glad I did because I enjoyed the event and I met Lydia who also welcoming+thanking me for the 2 years support I've given them. 

I met Datin Reiss here when Choy Peng who sat next to me said hello to her. From there, we exchanged name cards and began contacting each other through Facebook and wazzapp. And just yesterday in our wazzapp chat, she happily told me that ReissJaden wine will be available in the market soon at Jusco, Isetan supermarket and Soju Clubs all over the branches in Malaysia. That's great I replied her as now we can purchase it at RM50 whenever we go for our grocery shopping, one of my favourite hobby in my weekly routine! 

Datin Reiss is very sincere in offering me the ReissJaden Ginger Wine for a try esp. after she have read my Ginger Health Benefits blog at http://jacyntacsy.blogspot.com/2015/01/ginger-health-benefits.html. We met for a lunch that fateful Thursday at Hotel Seri Petaling before my next appointment with Khay for another product review. Not only I'm busy nowadays attending 2/3 events in a day of my daily schedule, I also make sure I'm able to slot in 2/3 appointments/meetings at the same location whenever it's possible.

Time is really precious to me and everytime I attend any events, the PR would say "Jacinta, you're so punctual" that make me laugh out loud because I respect each other's time very much. Datin Reiss enjoyed the western set lunch so much she told me she would bring her children here soon for good food and she's still thinking about it the whole day. During lunch, I got to know that Reiss is her glamour name in all these years, Jaden is the name of her beloved son and Reiss Jaden is a perfect nice name her hubby decided to name for their connoisseur wine business. 

Haha...'Mou Gai Siu Cho' (recommended her the right place for good food), she wazzapp me later in the evening in which I replied her that's for sure as I have been dining here for more than 15 years already. I brought many of my friends here to try the food, they loved it and 15 years ago, it was even better where they served us unlimited salad and yummy soup refill. Those were the days, the real deal of worthy money spending for me. Now, everything is pricey and included with GST which is not supposed to be.  

For more infos, you can log on www.reissjaden.com  or call Datin Reiss Tiara at 019-7599280 to order the wine for enjoyment. Datin Reiss has given me two bottles of ReissJaden connoisseur Ginger Wine and Ginger Lemon Wine to try out, I took the Chinese New Year festive season opportunity sharing it out with my family and friends during gatherings after a sumptuous dinner with them. You can also follow her Instagram at https://instagram.com/reissjaden/ for more updates.

All of them, none of them say No to ReissJaden Wine and even a fussy, choosy lady like me who loves tasting food+beverages totally fell in love with ReissJaden Ginger Wine for sure. In fact, I advised them all to add on some ice and it tasted really Ichiban like a splendid wine that tasted yummy but it's a healthy ginger wine where you can enjoy sipping it once in a blue moon and for special occasion like cocktail party or family gathering. It made me proud of bringing this as an exquisite gift for my family+friends last CNY. 

It need not cost a bomb for my pocket spending in the event in future I would like to purchase it for them as a gift. In fact, they wanted to finish enjoying the ginger wine till the last drop of it because they enjoyed taking it so much. If you like to try it out to believe it, check them out at https://www.facebook.com/pages/ReissJaden/425463517618618?fref=ts  or order it at Soju Club when you go out clubbing with your party members. Remember to drink moderately and responsibly! 

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