Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Summer Bumper Echo Calling

My family wazzapp group was full of messages I need to read through yesterday morning when I just woke up from my blissful slumber night. Rambo sent us this remarkable Happy Mother's Day picture with such a powerful and meaningful Chinese message that says "Loving your mom by sparing her to worry much about us is the key of repaying our filial piety to them." Rambo thanked my mom for giving Jacinta into his life and my mom replied him, "Tq" with a kissing emoticon. So sweet seeing both of them paying gratefulness to each other like this. Haha...In fact, I always told my sisters this because no point if you can earn so much money overseas or locally but you make mom worried about you all the time. You're not paying the utmost respect or cultivating good fortunes for yourself. Money can be earned everywhere, even in Malaysia if you're willing to work hard and smart for it. You'll never go wrong or 'Ngo Sei'(die of starvation) here in Malaysia as long you use your brain and hands to work on it. 

In China during the Jewellery Appreciation visit at Shanghai city, Mr. Lee came and chat with me when I was resting at the sofa after buying 3 lovely Pearl Necklaces at reasonable prices. We agreed that to survive and prosper in Malaysia, we only need to strive and thrive hard+smart for it to materialise our to dreams come true. He's a contractor director who usually build Bungalows, Semi-D's and involved in big projects for 30 years already. We talked about Poh Kong Jewellery, property market and Malaysia economy before we were called to leave the place for our next destination in Shanghai. Mr. Lee sat 2 rows behind me at the opposite side, but sometimes when the tour guide gave us food samples like peanut, sweets and plums, the front row aunties wanted to buy it but was not allowed to buy 1 or 2 packets of it so I gathered Mr. Lee and them to share buying it together.

The Chinese in China are selling it in bulk of 4 packets minimum to boxes type of business nowadays, they wanted fast money-making no more one to one liao. I didn't share it with them because I wanted 4 packets each of everything for my family to enjoy it. That Sunday, when I presented them the Chinese snacks, my sisters and brothers all loved it so much and they said they couldn't stop taking it once they start to munch on it. Yes, that's the reason I bought it for them where my Sis Toto also said, "I know you very well, if the food is not up to your standard you'll never buy it for us. It's really yummy!" They wanted to tapau back the whole packet and of course I welcomed them to do so, even myself have finished a few packets of it and hoping to buy more if I ever travel there again. The Chinese in China is really improvising and improving to enhance their business into advance level now, with nice packaging like the Japanese style and the prices also went up double level too.

We used to buy those snack food for 10 packets at RMB100 but now, no more this kinda 'Sun Ye'(great deals) liao as RMB100 you can only get 4 packets maximum. Our Ringgit Malaysia in exchange of RM60 standing now, I got it at RM59 for RMB100 exchange rate in my last trip to China that got me so frustrated with the Malaysia economy of today's reality world. Rambo tried soothing me with an advise asking me to learn to let things go and giving me the RM2000 cash asap generously. I kept saying I was supposed to get RMB4000+ for RM2000 like before, but he keeps advising me not to stay stagnant at old times like before but learning how to 'Heong Chin Mong' (looking forward further for future, better situation). Sigh, I kept complaining about the government who dragged us down with them, too useless and ridiculous I told Rambo, but he convinced me to have more good faith and hope for a better day ahead of us that kinda helping me to forget about the negative vibrations circling around me for the time being. 

I'm glad I have Rambo to console me when I was feeling disappointed with certain party for all the wrong reasons like this. Actually, I need not count much or being calculative feeling sad about it because Rambo was the one who's very thrifty and 'Kiamsiap' type before unlike me, I'm the one who's willing to pay and buy whatever things I fell in love with, spending on food and gifts for others. But nowadays, I've slowly creeping into joining one of them and become one of the 'Kiamsiap' ones whom I don't like to be. Rambo kinda refreshing my memory I used to buy+appreciating the things I loved where he told me I should keep on enjoying my life I used to be, but now I've changed not standing on the bright side of my life. He even said that the more money I've gained+saved, I tend to be stingy to myself. The richer you get, the more kiamsiap you can be even to yourself where I totally don't wana drown myself into it. In fact, what he said to me is true because he kept asking me to fly Japan with him recently, I was not keen and keep delaying about it. I really need to get myself out from it as soon as I can. No point if you wana be rich but you tend to be calculative to yourself, it won't make you richer but lonelier yes!

Last Saturday during Rambo's new business meeting with his old supplier who ventured into solar business with his Japanese wife+mom in-law, his wife asked Rambo if he wanted to buy the elegant Cartier Bracelet at RM10,000+ instead of the normal price at RM17,000 she can get it for him. Rambo knew my Fire Dragon character too well he answered he better asked for my permission 1st. Back home, he showed me the picture I said Cartier, very classy and luxury one of my favourite brand in town. He asked me if I like it and I told him, "No, thanks. I have this style liao, if I want anything I let you know about it." Again, I stretched to him that I'm giving him the chance to meet for more business opportunities, not meeting to buy anything that's not useful to me. He better make full good use of his time by creating more great business for our company to roll and grow and keep on cultivating good deeds in order to let our lives going on smoothly ever after. In fact that day after he insisting to donate to Nepal Charity Funds where I let him giving his bit of deeds, we received good news that our order has managed to top up and going on more smoothly than ever. Haha...Thank you Amituofo for blessing me, I'm very grateful and thankful for everything!  

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