Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The True Meaning Of A Real Happiness

Happiness definitely is a spiritual experience of living it meaningfully through your daily cultivation of cultivating good deeds, learning from mistakes or lessons in life along the way and surrounding yourself with good people to stay connected in your life, esp. those noble ones who are willing to share their honest opinions+thoughts with you. A real good friend is really hard to find and keep actually. For instance like respect, you need to earn it before you can get the respect you expecting from others. Sometimes, people who are not educated enough in high education but they can still learn how to change their bad attitude at the later old age. It's not easy and kinda difficult to do so esp. with his years of bad habits that's impossible to change, yet they managed to change when he was left with no choice but to change or he's gonna lose his family, the total happiness package by living alone on his own.

Last year, my Da Jie celebrate her birthday, CNY and many festivals with us without her hubby Bro.Hong when they got too intense in their egoistic marriage battle. Masing-masing stubborn with their own ego and characters at their age of 40's and 50's that got them both torn into loneliness which was not helping at all but tearing them more apart from each other. My sis Toto, Bro Chai and Rambo obviously are standing on Da Jie's side to stay alone hanging out with us where they think that this is a better way for her to live her life rather than drowning herself in mental depression. But I always advised Da Jie to stay patient and calm zen about it, giving them more time to cool the marriage heat before making any final decision in her marriage life.  

I'm standing alone on the 'Angel Side' while the rest are standing on the 'Devil Side' who encouraged Da Jie to get a divorce. After so many times of stretching my point of views to them and been telling them the Chinese philosophy in life to practise 'Ling Gau Yan Da Zai, Mok Gau Yan Fen Cai'(You can encourage others to teach their kids properly to the extent if using the cane is necessary to teach the kids right by all means do it, but never encourage any couples to simply divorcing each other), they're still standing firm to go against me in this particular case. I didn't argue or fight with them because I told them, at the end of the day it is entirely up to Da Jie who will make the final decision in life for her many years of marriage with him.

In fact, early this year all of them the Devil Side got 'bombak', a strong blow of blaming from Da Jie's daughters who said that their parents marriage wreckage was caused by my sis-inlaw and brothers. Then Sis Toto complained to me when all of us the Lim Family gathered together discussing about it during our Vegetarian dinner one Sunday night. She kept asking my opinion about it that I told them I have never blame them for standing at the Devil Side all the time because I tried to stand on their position as Da Jie's brother and sister, they only wanted the best solution for Da Jie. After all, she deserves to have all the happiness in life which lies on her hands. I'm stubborn standing alone in remaining on my side because I believe their relationship can be mend and repair, as long they're both willing to lower down their ego and patch things up decisively.

I always believe everyone deserves a second chance, and Bro.Hong has only committed minor problem that can be change and improve progressively. It's not that he's committed any bad crimes or 'main kayu tiga' (betraying his wife with another woman), then I would surely ask her to leave him all at once. I even told Da Jie from my thorough observation, Bro.Hong actually took good care of her when she was hospitalised and still loves her as much as she loves him lot. I gave all the bright lights of good advise to her when we're both alone in the room esp. when no one were around I quickly told her that. Yea, although sometimes he should just keep his mouth shut humbly but not all the time he was at fault and a marriage would sure to have many disputes that rise from north, east, south and west side. 

So after the Devil Side of them got blamed for saying too much, the daughters even told them to stay out of it, I only laugh out loud about it. I told them to let the daughters do their part in patching them up together and let's see how if it can work out fine for them or not. When YH came back from Taiwan during CNY, all of them wore the same Red T-Shirts together as a happy family and I quickly showered them a nice compliment. They were so happy and I can see that all of them including Sis Toto and Bro. Hong also starting to be close like a family now. Even during CNY Eve, I also asked Bro.Chai to invite Da Jie and Bro.Hong to join us for dinner to make it merrier when he only invited Rambo and I to Gugu's house for CNY dinner reunion. And we had so much fun that night having yummy+healthy dinner together, somewhere somehow it worked out fine for them actually. 

This year both Rambo+Sis Toto tried to throw me a surprise birthday party at this yummy Chinese Restaurant in Kepong where the food was so yummy, the owner had succeed to extend his good food business to 3 shops liao now from the corner one to the next and another big shop down the road. Sis Toto asked if this is my favourite restaurant that's able to delish my stomach happiness, instantly I replied her "Yes" and truly 'Gan En, Gan Xie' (grateful and thankful) to all of my beloved Rambo Lim's Family for surprising me with such a great birthday celebration. "The main 'Jue Kok' actress of this party tonight is Jacinta!" my Sis Toto announced that making me feel so shy+humble in life that day, and I welcome Rambo's nephew to blow the candle with me together since his birthday falls on that Sunday itself. My Sis Toto added again, "He's only the 'Pui Kok' supporting actor for tonight main celebration" that got me laughing out loud non-stop. 

Haha...I feel so fulfilled deep within me having good people like them to love, care and celebrating 39th Birthday for me this year in 2015. Bro.Hong wishing me healthy and happy always, I'm very blessed with another great wishes to add into my life. Seeing him and Da Jie are together now, joining us for dinner gatherings and having good relationship with the rest now are going to mark the few more happy moments in my life for 2015. Why they need to argue or fight unnecessary when they can act maturely, be understanding and caring for each other now. Like the last May dinner we had recently, we had joyful times of a happy family where they never failed to make me laugh out loud till 'perut kecut' esp. on hormonal imbalance and health related topics. Haha...Life is naturally wonderful if we stayed out from all the drama be it the Bollywood or Hollywood style and rumours that are trying to ruin our lives. That's life, c'est la vie! 

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