Thursday, May 28, 2015


The family-owned company La Biosthetique develops and produces highly effective cosmetics for hair and skin that are exclusively sold in international hair and beauty salons. The most important pillar of the Culture of Total Beauty is always the individual, as a customer, as a partner and as an employee. 

La Biosthetique has more than 8000 salon partners and 500 employees worldwide. Originally, Siegfried Weiser ran the company together with founder Marcel Contour. Today, after Contier’s death, Siegfried Weiser runs the business together with his son Jean-Marc and Felix at their company headquarter and home in Paris and Pforzheim, where the company’s research is performed and the production is located.

When Marcel Contier invented La Biosthetique more than 50 years ago, his initial philosophy took everything into account and the original values are still upheld today - the combination of “bios”, life, and “aesthetics”, the beauty. He was a brilliant biochemist and strongly believed that natural substances make more sense than synthetic ones. 

A philanthropist and a humanist. His philosophy “Think good thoughts and live well” still guides La Biosthetique today. LA BIOSTHETIQUE develops special active ingredient complexes for every hair and scalp situation to lastingly restructure the hair and scalp.

This not only means instantly noticeable and visible care results, but also the deep treatment of the actual cause. The principal goal of LA BIOSTHETIQUE care, energetic hair and a functioning scalp. Beautiful hair can only grow on a healthy scalp, which is why intensive scalp care plays a key role in LA BIOSTHETIQUE’s care philosophy.

The source of great looking hair is a healthy scalp and the key to a healthy scalp is perfect hair care and a professional assessment. Hair loss, greasy hair, itchy, flaking or tight scalps can all be signs of scalp problems so LA BIOSTHETIQUE has developed the Scalp Check Kit to instantly diagnose the pH balance, dandruff and sebum levels.

The NEW Scalp Check Kit is the perfect visual tool to diagnose scalp problems and LA BIOSTHETIQUE has a huge range of problem related natural hair and scalp care treatments that can help. The indicators are pressed against the scalp and compared to a results table to accurately prescribe the right hair care regime and scalp treatment to bring the scalp back to peak condition. 

I was glad I managed to drag myself to come on that morning getting up close with LA BIOSTHETIQUE brand. Thanks to the calming special tea served to relax me, and I get to learn their distinctive haircare concept in taking good care of our hair by starting to focus from the root scalp 1st, then down to the hair with great massage technique too. I'm looking forward to try on the hair treatment as soon as I can esp. seeing Elana was having such a great time there feeling so relaxed and pampered lot. C'est la vie! 

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