Thursday, May 14, 2015

Melodramatic Love - Part 3

Love hurts, love bites and love strike like a thunder that blindly flashing its force rapidly to human kind just like that, even when you're careful at times. But it's totally worth the time and effort when you finally found your prince charming after manage to cross and jumped over the many hurdles of obstacles and trials and tribulations in relationship. You need to go through many lessons, life experiences and finally enjoyed the love showered by the species called men. In fact, I always encouraged many women to enjoy the dating moments when the men are doing their best to win your heart and soul to perfection. Embrace those moments during the courting days because before they can win your heart to be officially theirs, somewhere somehow they can promised to bring you the moon, they can pluck the stars from starry starry night from above the sky just to impress you magnificently. 

But after they got you in their arms, they may treat you like a maid my sis used to joke with me esp.after marrying you where you have the obligation to do the laundry, you're obliged to cook for daily dinner and be back home by a definite time for the family. Haha...not all, but most of them did esp.the older generation one that I'm talking about like my sis-inlaw. Now the men in my family have changed a lot, they tried to help my sis-inlaw whenever they're free to do so. I'm glad to hear that from them too esp. during dinner they told me about it. That day during CNY, Bro Hong also told me that they're doing their best to change for good but they can never compete with Rambo, who can love and care for me so perfectly. He's like a dinosaur that has gone totally extinct from this world and this kinda man will never exists in this world. Haha...I laugh out loud hearing that from him.

My aunty used to ask me 23 years ago after my SPM exam, got boyfriend liao or not since I can have the licence to date now. I told her not yet although I have many good guys going after me, but I bo interested in anyone of them. I had this handsome+tall friend called Kay B who stayed behind my 3 storey house, he's a very sweet guy who made great efforts to take me to go for movie by taking cab, no need to take public bus and we're only 15 years old that time. My friend Jenny liked him so much, no doubt about it because he's such a good guy, caring and came from a good family background. And many others who are good men alive, but no love sparks that managed to tie up my heart that easily. I told my aunty also I wanted a man who don't smoke, don't gamble, don't womanise and don't drink, my aunty replied me "Very hard, all die liao." Haha...She's speaking on her own behalf, a single mom whom I salute very much because she succeed to bring up her 3 kids all by her own efforts+hardwork. 

Her hubby was useless, failing her in so many ways and for many years liao. Falling under all the 4 bad categories but she's lucky, she's strong enough and brought them all up all by herself. Her daughters are filial to her, she's loving to my grandma and life is good for her as she's independent enough. There was this 'Tall Uncle' liked her for years liao, I'm not sure if they're together or not but I know this uncle stayed very attached to her all the time. That's why everytime my friends told me they have divorced, broke up etc. I advised them to send good thoughts to the universe they can find a good hubby just like me so that the laws of attraction will fulfil their magical dreams to come true for them. There are many of my family+friends who managed to find their 2nd one after they got divorced or broke up as time goes by. Don't give up hope, there are still many good bachelors around. Just let fate brings up good men and omen to you real soon.

I always told them, if this 1st one never 'Gan En' knowing how to appreciate them, by all means let them go and move on for a better life with a new life. Life is short, don't look back but moving forward ahead of you fast from now on as you have wasted so much of your time with the 1st rotten one. That day after KK shared with me her life stories about visiting the past life hypnosis event for 2 times liao, I dug out more of her dark secrets discreetly and I told her to stop going for all this kinda treatment that brings her no good result. I advised her to learn how to move on, living joyfully with her new boyfriend+her daughter and she did. That day so happen she told me she just came back from a vacation to China with her new boyfriend, I told her I'm happy for her that's for sure. This world is still full of beautiful, wonderful people around actually. 

Just like Jeline my new Dragon friend who keeps sending me great sharing everyday, after so many days in China she's been telling everyone and calling us both 'The most loving couple in China'. Haha...In fact she has been telling me many times in China "Rambo is a good man alive," asking me to cherish him a lot. She & Asogan told me, they're both being together for 30 years liao but kinda losing out the loving spirit and only treating each other as companions in life only. I quickly told them, "Don't say like that. Maybe both of you are English-educated people so you may not practise the 'Gan En, Gan Xie'(grateful, thankful) value that should be added in your daily life cultivation. Starting from now on, you need to learn how to appreciate each other more then you'll be able to love each other again."

Jeline then said, "Yea, when you put it this way I think I can try doing it from now on." Then I continue saying that from my thorough observation throughout the 8 days journey of staying so close together, both of them actually care and love each other a lot, it's just that they never expressed it among them and staying lovey dovey like us at their age of 50's. "True," she replied me and we both laughed out loud agreeably. When you love one another, you need to say it out loud. Even to those who are poor for some couples, they actually save till die to the extent cramping their stomach just to buy gifts or flowers to brighten up their lovers. That shows how sincere they can be, at the very least. It happened to women who got so hooked up with the dreamy Korean movie or drama series. They're acting dreamily and stressing their own lives implying that kinda charming husband-type to their own husband like the Korean movie liao, one of the many failure reasons my Sis Toto said it actually happened to Bro.Chai's true love-divorce story. 

In all my life and among the many good men I've known over the years, I swear to God I never would have predicted Bro.Chai will get divorce and get married again. In fact I love watching Korean drama before where I shared one of the 8TV Korean Drama series with Rambo, both of us really liked that drama esp. the good main actor+actress who are not over-acting, we watched it a few times. But I was glad I never got too "Mai'(obsess) with this kinda Korean drama series that only meant to entertain us. I have visited the Korea-KBS 'Dai Cheong Kam' filming site and Jeju Island where my favourite 'Autumn In My Heart' took place in my Korea trip, a great experience that ever crossed into my life. Now, I prefer to watch Mediacorp drama series from Singapore and the other American TV series like CSI, 24 and funny comedy like The Big Bang that talks about science with lots of laughters that able to inject me with more happiness+wellness into my body, mind and soul joyfully. That's life. laugh more you'll look younger too! 

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