Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thyme To Taste Restaurant At Neo Damansara

Thyme To Taste is located strategically behind the main building of Neo Damansara at B-G-02, Ground Floor, Block B, Jalan PJU 8/1, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. You can call 03-77339981 for further enquiries or to book for any reservations. It’s open from 10 am to10 pm except on Tuesday. Kenny is an everlasting chef cook, having actively involved in the hotel line under food and beverages for more than 13 years of experience already.

The Wild Mushroom Soup and Green Asparagus Soup, each cost RM15 were 2 starters that were meant to delight us, kinda manage to open up our appetite that breezy Sunday Girls Day Out. The Garlic Bread was a heaven sent angel of yummy food for me here because not only it's crunchy and chewy for me to bite with deep satisfaction of yearning for more, the aroma and the tastiness of it really managed to satisfy the fussy taste buds in me. I gave them 10 points for this.

I ordered an Ice Blended Mocha that's made from Sumatran Coffee, trying to wake me up feeling more energetic on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Haha...after a sip or two, my mind has become clearer and higher full of concentration to try out for more good food that day with my girlfriends.

The Chef's Salad RM19 that came in with Tuna flakes, cherry tomatoes and sweet+sour sauce was appetising enough to open up my appetite that day. I find it healthy and yummy at the same time, it's very suitable to those who's longing for a light meal or having no appetite to eat you can check this out obviously. You'll love it esp. after you sprinkle it with their signature sauce made by Kenny.

Thyme's Fish Burger is made of 3 types of different fish patties of Mackerel, Salmon and Tuna. Chef Kenny have tried many many times to create this fish burger and finally, he managed to get the right combination making this special-made fish burger created by him. Something out of ordinary I would say.

The Aglio Olio cost RM13, where you can add on or topped it up with extra ingredients like Hokkaido Scallop at RM10 and Grilled Prawns RM10 if you like to indulge in seafood just like me. This wholesome seafood goodness plate of Aglio Olio cost RM33, where you can always share it with your bestie and order other meals to complete your yummy indulgence here.

Chef Kenny was preparing the King Jumbo Prawn nicely for us to take pictures. It was so big that kinda look like a lobster to me. Actually having this jumbo meal already complete the whole meal of the day for me that comes with potato, vegetables and Barley Risotto. 

You can dine here bringing your own exquisite wine, they're charging RM30 fee for it. In Europe I actually told all of them, the Europeans usually never encourage that or won't allow it also with their dark faces shown to you and locally, many of them don't encouraged you to do so. For a 5 course dinner set of Father's Day celebration, it came in a set package of RM110 per person. 

You can dine here ordering their King Jumbo Prawn based on per gram price. This type of jumbo prawn can be baked with cheese or herbs, up to your taste preference. Try both, or you can always ask Chef Kenny to recommend any other choices for you and cook for you if you wanted to buy your own fresh seafood from supermarket. Talk to this happy Chef Kenny.

Haha...While enjoying our sumptuous meals that need not cost a bomb to our wallet and in a serene ambience like a fine dining environment, we took a chance to keep great memories with Chef Kenny and Shirley. Thanks to dear Wen Li who invited me, Elana and her friend to make this event a lot happier and merrier that afternoon with yummy food.  

The Berry Smoothie that's rich in yoghurt, red berries and fresh milk was delicious. Looking at it already enough to hook me wanting to finish it off already.

In fact, it looks cuter in this dessert cup and tasted really yummy when 4 of us were enjoying the smoothies together. Cheers for more good things to come for us in future.

This mini Carbonara that comes with Shiitake Mushrooms and creamy cream sauce is one of my favourite food from here, although I was so full and not a fan of Carbonara Spaghetti. I left after trying out this spaghetti as I had another appointment to fulfil my Sunday schedule that day. It was a great day having to meet Chef Kenny who made such good food for us to try and I'm wishing him all the best in his future undertakings. Try Thyme To Taste one day if you're around the corner of that area, no regrets that is for sure. 

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