Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Powerful Thoughts Of Your Walnut-Shaped Brain

Everyone of the tour members including my dearest Rambo Lim got sick of fever, headache, shivering with cold or hot sensation, flu and cough throughout our Summer holiday. Lucky I brought along my Manuka Honey+Cellfood for saviour calling, took it everyday without failed and I even spoon feed those who got flu to help ease their misery out of it as I know it's very 'leceh' to fall sick during vacation. Back home to Malaysia, I quickly go for my spa at Ecoparadise, The Gardens to flush out toxins and boost up my immune system asap because till today, Rambo still cough like nobody's business. He may have enjoyed the trip so much but he also brought back those cough+flu germs and bacteria from Turkey back to Malaysia.

Even his big Boss President from Japan thanked him many times for sending him back to the hotel personally and concerned about his health. Like I always said to Rambo, only a good person like his President who's humble and nice will go on prosper living happily ever after not because he's able to keep on earning multi-million dollar anytime he wanted to, but it's the right attitude that got him successful of today's achievement. Stay humble, grateful and thankful for God have eyes to see and ears to hear you. It's the empathy and compassion both his big Boss and I have for Rambo, seeing him got so sick yet he managed to send me to Mitsui Outlet Park for Zalora opening launch and his boss from airport that day. 

We can feel Rambo's kind gesture to us that's for sure and we really appreciate it very much. Life is good and smooth! You need to tell the universe life is 'Sun Sun Lei Lei', amazingly good for you and really feeling it truly deep within you, only then the laws of attraction is able to receive your honest message to blessing you with richness, greatness and wellness in life. Some people, they are not honest and true even to themselves by saying they wanted babies but they didn't put much efforts and positive actions to materialise their dreams. Very contradicting to themselves, to others and to the universe. How do you expect the God to grant your wishes to come true for you real soon and for the laws of attraction to work effectively for you? 

Even if you can travel to one of the Tokyo Shrine(I corrected one of the famous blogger about the many types of Japanese shrines and temples) in Japan for a baby also no use because it may worked for some worshippers, it may not worked for you. A happy life is determined by the quality positive thinking of your powerful brain, strong wills and sincerity pouring any great efforts to make it happen. Just like I told Ai Lin and Vanessa who are both single ladies, "You need to go on a date, mingle around with more guys and be sporting giving chance for good bachelors in town only then you'll be able to hook with a good husband. They wanted to have boyfriends and to be taken good care to live a good life but they told me that those good ones have been taken liao.

I told them that's not true, I have met many bachelors in their 20's to 50's are looking for life partners also and there was this younger man I knew also trying to woo me even after I told him nicely I'm happily attached. Haha...really not into joining the cougar group since I prefer to have Rambo a strong Tiger to lead me through my demanding life. They're still many good guys around, I reassured them again and asking them to join those good charity group like Tzu Chi Association, Rotaract Club(young guys and lawyer sending me letters and cards going after me after attending the leadership conference) and friends gathering. Good guys are everywhere, you only need to spread your wings further and higher for them and be sure to send your strong laws of attraction to the universe what you really want in your life. After sharing my story with them, they promised me they will go for it real soon esp. after started working this year.

Don't go dili-deli, going round the bush telling the others nothing but the truth and always pray to God sincerely telling him what you really want in life because God is busy with his life too, he needs to attend to many requests out there not only for you. He really have no time to listen and predicted what you really want in life when you said one thing but you're thinking other things in your brain and not doing the right thing. Maybe some are destined to go through a divorce only they can meet the right ones like what they wanted to believe but I don't believe in destiny 100% especially after reading the Liao Fan 4 Lessons book that taught us to strive and thrive for the life we wanted step-by step. If you know that your husband or boyfriend cannot be trusted fully, then you need to guard them 'Sat Yat Sat' more restrictively. Rambo knew I don't like him to go to any bar or entertainment places so he better don't go or I will punish him kao kao for sure. 

What's the point of going to all this kinda place when it brings no beneficial 'Lei Yik' for you? It's not helping you to accumulate wealth or happiness in the long run too. And he's way passed all this kinda 'Yi Lok' entertainment at his age of 40's, he's supposed to be living 'Yau Han' relaxing kinda life everyday in his 40's now where he can watch TV at night to release stress and rest early so that he can go to work early in the morning. I heard many of my friends in their 40's shared with me that they're very forgetful recently, cannot focus easily and having blurry 'Mai Mai Wu Wu' actions that got them so frustrated in life. Sis Toto told me his hubby aged 48 had brushed his teeth but then he forgot about it and went brushing his teeth again. Really? I was laughing out loud, somewhere somehow 4 of us kept laughing out loud about it in the car because having stress like him needs to be cure asap or it's going to drown him into mental depression very soon, sooner or later only.

Even Sis Toto also told me she's so forgetful nowadays that she didn't know this week we're gonna celebrate her hubby's birthday as she had no idea what date is today. Even Rambo keep asking me recently how old is he today, he totally forgot his age already even after I informed him he's 41 this year of 2015. "Kao lat bo ler lang" I said that to them in Hokkien. No wonder they kept telling me they're so stressful nowadays they needed to go for dancing class and Badminton because I was urging them to go for exercise to boost up their powerful brain functionality. Besides pushing my sister Defney and Rambo to take the Amway Gingko Biloba if really they wished to have better memories of their brain to function smoothly well after reading my sis May's Amway mag, I also advised them to play Tetris, do more reading and staying youthful by laughing out loud more. More to blog about the brain, stay tuned!

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