Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Marvellous Mauritius Martial With Good Food

From KL 2pm flight by Air Mauritius, I finally reached Holiday Inn Mauritius at 9pm KL time but
Mauritius it's only 5pm, 4 hours behind. Mauritius is full of tourists from all around the world.
It's time for dinner so I took 2 pictures here before I rush over for the hotel buffet. If I've arrived early
that day, I would book a city+island tour for sightseeing before I fly again to Cape Town the next day. 

Holiday Inn decors were full of marine ornaments, their very own Mauritian culture and designs
that looked so artistic and fantastic at the same time. 

The Mauritian food was super duper yummylicious that I actually took 3 bowls of rice 'Banjir' flooding it with
Beef Specialty from the hot pot without realising it. Haha...too yummy liao and their Pineapple is delish sekali!

And they served me this special chilli sauce, Olive Oil and Mauritian sauce to eat together with this
Biscotti Bread. The chilli was sizzling hot and spicy but it's so delicious that I need to ask for 2nd refill. 

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