Saturday, November 14, 2015

My South Africa TANZANITE Gemstone Shopping Experience

Tanzanite or Zoisite mineral was famously named after Tanzania by Tiffany & Co. and chosen to be the December birthstone by the American Gem Trade Association in 2002. It's discovered and available from Tanzania since 1967, once it's finished there's no way they can get for you in any way, any more. It looks so shining, shimmering and splendid in purplish blue that got me attracted to it at the very 1st place. They called it Blue Violet Tanzanite, to me I think the Purple colour outshines the Blue colour actually. I have never owned any Violet Purple colour gemstone before, that's why I'm curious to know more about it. 

In Cape Town during one of my shopping trips after watching the hundreds of seals at Cape Peninsula, I chance upon this Tanzanite purple polished gemstones that looked amazingly beautiful. The lady introduced the Tanzanite gemstones to me in full details so I listened and learned from her eagerly. She offered me special 20% discount price of USD550x4.4: RM 2420 but I fell in love with the golden Tanzanite heart-shaped Ring that cost USD4000x4.4: RM17,600 in which I tried it on my right middle finger fabulously and totally loving it. And I took a brochure about Tanzanite and started to read more about it before purchasing it for good.

Fantastic beauty but it's too costly already I told Rambo, so don't be a fool to buy it. At this Cambano Curio Centre on the very last day of Classic South Africa Tour, our tour guide Jenny in Johannesburg once again highly recommended us to get this Tanzanite rare, high-valued gemstone for its exceptional beauty and rarity, and great demand by many jewellery collectors. There's only one Tanzanite mine in the whole world of Tanzania, and every gemstone comes with a valid certificate to ascertain its high quality of this unique gemstone. I really loved the sparkling colour of Tanzanite, so much nicer than the Sapphire for sure.  

Jenny even mentioned that it's more valuable that the Diamonds at times due to the rarity of this gemstones. Going South Africa, Rambo has already mentioned to me to get a lovely Diamond Ring for myself and I did fall in love with one of the Forever Mark brand there with an extraordinary design but it was too big for me and the masters have left after 5pm. I had a good Latte Coffee here with my tour members, busy chatting lah all of us till running out of time. Cindy saw me buying it, asked me more about it as all of us wanted to own the Tanzanite gemstones only and she finally bought the Silver Earrings for USD122. 

Haha...It's a blessing in disguise for me at Diamond Centre because I get to save the USD4400x4.4: RM19,360 for other better things in life. At my age of 39 years old, I'm not desperate for anything anymore. As long I'm healthy, free of pain and illness, I'm very happy liao. Everything is expensive here in Cape town or South Africa I would say. I brought along all my USD, Euro, Singapore Dollar and Ringgit Malaysia, but I didn't change any of it because the exchange rate that they offered to us was not attractive at all. 

I bought all my things with credit card and I think it's safer and easier this way. Nothing is cheap or free here, some toilets also charged the other tour members Rands for entry so I prefer to go hotel, restaurants and souvenir centres that are free of charge. Even in Diamond Centre, when my tour member Kay saw me ordering the Coffee Latte to boosting up my energy level that afternoon she asked me if it's free and I replied her, "Yes, it's complimentary!" Knowing that informative answer, she quickly ordered one Latte for herself too. 

Haha...Then, everyone followed including Rambo who ordered an Espresso Black Coffee for himself. He really knows how to enjoy his life now, I swear to you. He's been nice to me and kept pushing me to choose a diamond ring for myself real generously. It's really fine for me since the ring size didn't fits me then it means no 'Yuen Fen' fate with me. I'm not a Desperado and I didn't like to force things to happen into my life. I'm fine with it and happy with my new Tanzanite Gold Gemstone on a South Africa map Pendant added into my Jewellery collection. I asked for the best price and got it at USD149x4.4: RM656, instead of RM2420 from Cape town, over-priced liao although it's a rare gemstone but it's not worth it tagging too high price.

I'm very blessed indeed, Tq Amituofo and Guan Yin for all their blessings for me. Being able to travel to South Africa to see the other parts of world means a lot to me. There's something new to explore about their culture, country, wildlife habitat in real wilderness world, food and people or Nelson Mandela's story behind the history of South Africa. Aliza has been asking to read about my S.A Tour blog but I dare not promise her I can blog about it yet until I'm free to do so. Like Rambo said, so many great things about Turkey I have yet to share on my blog and I replied him, "True, and many other Japan and China trips too." Life is good and smooth, that's the secret laws of universe I've been sending my thoughts all the time positively and I'm receiving it as well.


  1. The pendant looks nice! Seems like i'll go broke if I visit South Africa eh... luckily it's not in my list. Yay!

    1. Thanks, I'm so in love with it. Haha...True, everything is expensive there and many of them although quite well to do but they try to control their spending USD there! ;)