Sunday, November 22, 2015

South Africa Cape Town - Table Mountain The Official New 7 Wonder Of Nature

Table Mountain is one of the fantastic+fascinating tourist attraction 
located at Cape town. It is also the official new 7 Wonder Of Nature.
A bird's eye view of the Cape Town city, such alluring and enticing scenery ever.  
The wind blows strongly to me, quite chilly that I need to wear a Biker's Jacket to protect me from the cold
of 14 degree celcius, although the weather may looked sunny and hot like normal. 

Many tourists came from all over the world to view this wonderful place. 

Such a magnificent mountain that stand tall and strong called the Table Mountain. 

While waiting for the slow cable car to come down, I took the chance to admire the beauty of this Table Mountain.

This cable car can accommodate 65 people at one go, but too slow liao which caused the long queue for 30 minutes.

The cable car can rotate to 360 degree so no matter where we stand also, we get to see the beautiful views 
from every angle of this wonderful nature in the world. It was totally worth the long wait or queue then.

I'm actually taking a high risk here standing so high up on a huge rock for this lovely view, above the clouds.

Went in a souvenir shop for heater as it was so cold out there. Haha...cute soft toys that tempted me so much.

Sitting besides the white cloud high above the sky means a lot to me. Feeling relaxing and calming as well. 

Besides taking pictures here and there, I really took my own sweet time to smell the flowers while
dating my beloved hubby Rambo esp.recently we're both quite busy with own business ventures.

I felt a sense of belonging here because I love the overall soothing and cooling environment with
pretty plants everywhere, from one corner to another corner all around this hilly mountain.

This Table Mountain is so huge, both Rambo and I took a slow long stroll all around the place for good.

The views are captivating and alluring lot from North, East, South or West angles.  

Every angle tells a story with thousand words to describe how fascinating it can be. 

Young American guy took this picture for us, such an amazing view with attractive Cape Town landscape.  

The breathtaking view took my breath away, blowing my hair away too. cannot buy this
good weather to reach up here, if it rains we're not allowed to take the cable car to tour around this place.

I'm feeling totally on top of the world, standing high up on another gigantic rock for this spectacular view ever.

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